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StackPath edge solutions debut in Google Marketplace amid Akamai Technologies acquisition

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StackPath edge solutions debut in Google Marketplace amid Akamai Technologies acquisition

StackPath, an edge computing platform, recently announced that its virtual machines and containers are now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. According to StackPath, this collaboration allows Google Cloud customers to extend their cloud environment to the edge.

The StackPath edge compute provides cloud computing instances in 38 major markets worldwide.

According to Tom Reyes, the chief product officer for StackPath, edge computing and cloud computing work together to extend the cloud environment to the internet’s edge. He asserts that many customers can integrate the best of both platforms by running latency-neutral workloads in Google Cloud and latency-sensitive workloads on StackPath.

StackPath also recently added Virtual Kubelet support to StackPath Edge Compute. This feature allows integration and management of StackPath Edge Compute Containers within multi-cloud Kubernetes (K8s) clusters.

StackPath debuts larger edge instances for data-intensive workloads

Elsewhere, StackPath introduced larger Edge Compute Virtual Machine and Container instances with increased vCPU core counts and included RAM, ideal for data-intensive workloads. These instances combine high processing power with low latency, making them perfect for real-time data applications.

The new VM and Container instances vary in size, with up to 48 vCPUs, 256GiB RAM and 40GiB Root Disk. With hourly billing and data volume, company executives say these instances can be provisioned on demand via the StackPath Customer Portal or API. Additional features include built-in DDoS protection, persistent storage and private IP addresses.

Reyes explains that enterprises increasingly need real-time data for various purposes, such as enhancing user experiences and gaining deeper business insights. However, real-time data applications require significant processing power, and in the past, accessing cloud computing with such power came with drawbacks like latency, centralization and high bandwidth charges.

“These new, larger compute instances deliver the best of both worlds, pairing cloud computing power with the speed, scalability, and control that makes edge computing an essential facet of any latency-sensitive, distributed workload’s deployment strategy,” Reyes adds.

Akamai takes over select StackPath enterprise customer contracts

Furthermore, Akamai Technologies announced the acquisition of select enterprise customer contracts from StackPath, following StackPath’s decision to stop its content delivery network operations.

This move enables Akamai to extend its edge and cloud platform services to these new customers, providing content delivery, cybersecurity and cloud computing solutions.

As a result of this acquisition, which does not include StackPath staff or technology, Akamai forecasts a revenue increase of approximately $20 million and an improvement in non-GAAP earnings per share by $0.03 – 0.05 for the full year 2024. A transitional services agreement will be in place for the initial 90 days.

“We look forward to welcoming these new enterprise customers and providing them immediate access to the agility and scale of Akamai Connected Cloud to create and deliver flawless digital experiences,” says Adam Karon, the chief operating officer and general manager of Akamai’s Cloud Technology Group.

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