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Stack celebrates $3.3 billion green financing achievement for global data center expansion

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Stack celebrates $3.3 billion green financing achievement for global data center expansion

Stack Infrastructure, a data center development provider, has announced a successful fundraise of $3.3 billion in green financing. The company notes that the funding will facilitate the expansion of data center facilities worldwide. Notably, the company has amassed a total financing exceeding $11 billion to support the growth of its scalable campuses on a global scale.

According to the company, the recent achievements in green financing have prompted Stack to establish a Sustainable Financing framework aligned with Green and Social Impact Loan Principles. The framework aims to enhance and simplify the qualification process for sustainable financing, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

To reinforce its presence in Silicon Valley, Stack has allocated $1.4 billion towards the development of water and energy-efficient digital infrastructure, in a bid to bolster its technological capabilities and create opportunities for regional investment and employment.

Additionally, $750 million will be directed towards Stack facilities in Loudoun County, Virginia, focusing on integrating cooling solutions and utilizing low-carbon materials in construction, such as green concrete and recycled steel.

Brian Cox, CEO of Stack Americas, emphasizes the company’s dedication to assisting clients in achieving their sustainability goals while delivering efficient, AI-ready capacity. He highlights the importance of securing capital for responsible growth to instill confidence among investors and clients in Stack’s development capabilities.

In Milan, Italy, Stack’s campuses will benefit from $1.2 billion in green financing, supporting initiatives for water-efficient infrastructure and enhanced power-usage effectiveness, the company notes. Furthermore, environmental initiatives such as electric vehicle charging stations, e-waste recycling programs, and biodiversity projects will be incorporated into the surrounding areas.

“STACK has made environmental responsibility within our operational communities a cornerstone of our growth strategy,” says John Eland, CEO of STACK EMEA.

“Our dedication to sustainable practices and obtaining green financing empowers STACK to expedite and fulfill our ESG initiatives.”

Supported by IPI Partners and other financing partners dedicated to digital infrastructure, Stack says it aims to continue delivering edge data center campuses globally. Recently, Stack expanded its presence with a new 72MW data center campus in the Northern Virginia region.

The company notes that opportunities for expansion include data center projects in Santa Clara, Toronto, Dallas/Fort Worth, Portland, New Albany (Ohio), Central Phoenix, Osaka, and Stockholm.

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