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SolidRun’s new modules focus on supporting edge AI applications

SolidRun’s new modules focus on supporting edge AI applications

High-performance edge computing solutions developer and manufacturer SolidRun has announced a new line of embedded Computer on Module (CoM) solutions based on NXP’s powerful new i.MX 8M Plus applications processor, and three feature-rich, market-ready carrier solutions for quick prototyping and expedited time-to-market for new products.

To help developers quickly design and prototype new machine learning applications for the edge, SolidRun created two CoM options that build upon NXP’s recently released i.MX 8M Plus applications processor. Offered in quad- and dual-core configurations, the new CoMs maintain the same ultra-compact 47mm by 30mm footprint and pin layout as SolidRun’s other i.MX 8M CoM products, making it easy for developers to scale up or down between SolidRun’s i.MX8M product families, including the i.MX8M / i.MX8M Mini/ i.MX8M Nano. Pin compatibility and shared software resources provide a flexible and forward-thinking approach to creating future-proof products for high-performance and low power applications. While compact, SolidRun’s i.MX 8M Plus CoMs maintain all of the necessary subsystems and connectivity options needed for consumer and industrial grade IoT and small edge applications. They are also well suited for a range of environments and can be used in applications requiring passively cooled devices.

From simple applications to those that require high-performance processing capabilities for AI and machine learning inference at the edge, SolidRun’s i.MX 8M Plus CoMs feature dual- or quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processors running at up to 1.8 GHz, and an integrated Cortex M7 core that provides real-time performance and enables low power operating modes. Both CoMs feature a high-performance Cadence Tensilica HiFi 4 DSP that supports voice and natural language processing chores – great for building voice-enabled solutions. Additionally, the new CoMs feature an integrated neural processing unit for enhanced AI and machine learning capabilities at the edge.

“Our cost-effective, feature-rich family of i.MX 8M CoMs have been instrumental in supporting developers with turning ideas into actual, working IoT products,” said Dr. Atai Ziv, CEO at SolidRun. “The addition of our new i.MX 8M Plus CoMs will unlock a near limitless world of possibilities, allowing customers to take advantage of the i.MX 8M Plus’s numerous embedded features to create exciting new IoT solutions that benefit from real-time machine learning inference and computer vision at the edge.”

SolidRun also unveiled three HummingBoard carriers specifically designed to maximize the vast features and benefits embedded into its i.MX 8M Plus-based CoMs – the HummingBoard Mate, HummingBoard Pulse and HummingBoard Ripple. These new market-ready carrier boards enable manufacturers to pair the features of SolidRun’s i.MX 8M Plus CoMs with USB 3.0, gigabit ethernet, mikroBUS connectivity, HDMI output, audio input and output, display output, camera input (Basler MIPI CSI-2 cameras), and much more. Combined, SolidRun’s i.MX 8M Plus CoMs and HummingBoard carriers provide product developers the tools needed to quickly prototype and bring to market consumer and industrial edge solutions. In fact, they can be deployed as-is for edge computing and industrial IoT applications. SolidRun even offers branded cases and housing solutions, making SolidRun a one-stop shop for hardware design, development and turn-key, market-ready products.

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