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Schneider Electric and RMD to modernize edge environments for the University of Lincoln

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Schneider Electric and RMD to modernize edge environments for the University of Lincoln

Schneider Electric has recently completed a project to modernize the edge data center at the University of Lincoln.

Currently, the university operates a centralized data center as it relies on Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, catering to various stakeholders including administrative staff, students, educators, researchers, and commercial partners across its campus.

“We open a new building nearly every year,” says Darran Coy, senior infrastructure analyst, ICT services at the University of Lincoln, “and each one needs its own comms room populated with IT racks, including servers and networking equipment, together with all the necessary supporting infrastructure, including cooling, structured cabling, power distribution (PDUs) and power protection. It is the epitome of edge computing.”

With the addition of new buildings each year, the demand for reliable access to cloud services has become increasingly critical, necessitating a resilient network infrastructure, according to the university.

To address reliability concerns, particularly in the absence of standby power generation capabilities in Lincoln’s city-center campus buildings, the university has deployed Schneider Electric APC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). These UPS units, numbering 110, aim to ensure continuity of power supply during disruptions, safeguarding operations across distributed edge facilities.

Mark Yeeles, vice president of Schneider Electric’s secure power division, emphasizes the importance of enhancing network reliability while reducing environmental impact.

“The university now has a more operationally and energy-efficient infrastructure system, which importantly, helps towards its target of becoming net zero, and provides a resilient learning environment for future generations of students to further their education,” he adds.

The partnership between the University of Lincoln, RMD UK, and Schneider Electric extends over a decade, the company notes. Beginning with the replacement of legacy APC Smart-UPS units, the collaboration has evolved to include a digital services program, incorporating regular inspection and maintenance of UPS systems.

Additionally, the implementation of environmental monitoring devices and data center infrastructure management software has enhanced visibility and control over the university’s IT infrastructure, enabling proactive management and optimization of resources.

Scot Docherty, business development consultant at RMD power & cooling, highlights the collaborative efforts to support the University of Lincoln’s IT and power requirements.

“Through the use of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure software, its APC power protection solutions and its digital services programme, we’re able to help the university ensure maximum efficiency and reliability across its critical systems and take another step towards its environmental goals,” he concludes.

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