Scale Computing, Wasabi, Intel unite to offer a hybrid-cloud approach to video surveillance

(Intel NUC EEC with Scale Computing management console. Source: Intel)

Scale Computing has announced its edge video surveillance solutions have extended to include cloud video storage with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud and Intel NUC Enterprise Edge Compute built with Scale Computing.

The company says it provides a bottomless storage, edge-to-cloud appliance solution that is easy to use and minimizes disruption.

“Video and AI are going through a massive transformation, creating an opportunity for the industry to leverage edge technologies from companies like Scale Computing and Wasabi that enable better performance, agility, choice, and cost,” says Kasia Hanson, the global director, video, safety and security sales at Intel. “By combining the power of Intel NUC EEC with the simplicity and reliability of Scale Computing HyperCore software, organizations have an efficient, scalable, and comprehensive edge computing solution.”

According to the companies, Scale Computing and Wasabi offer an agile hybrid-cloud environment with easy-to-use cloud data retention and archival and seamless integration with major VMS providers. This provides organizations with a critical video surveillance solution at the edge and in the cloud.

Benefits include easy management and cost savings for organizations moving “cold video files” from their Scale Computing Platform to the cloud. It also provides flexibility for disaster recovery or added storage, a dedicated video surveillance infrastructure, and features like high availability failover and data redundancy. With this solution, organizations can save money on hardware, licensing and maintenance costs while scaling out compute and storage capacity.

“This ‘bottomless’ approach to video storage, combined with Scale Computing, is vital for the surveillance industry as it struggles to manage enormous amounts of video in high-resolution environments and increasingly large file sizes tied to surveillance,” adds David Boland, the VP of Cloud Strategy at Wasabi.

Last summer, Scale Computing raised $55 million to invest in edge computing, virtualization and hyper-converged solutions.

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