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Roundup: Taoglas edge modules, IAR Systems customer win, Vecow’s edge AI platform

Roundup: Taoglas edge modules, IAR Systems customer win, Vecow’s edge AI platform

Taoglas recently launched its comprehensive System-on-Module (SoM) portfolio for instant IoT development, designed for a range of technology applications including transportation, remote healthcare and smart buildings.

The new SoMs are based on Taoglas’ design platform and offer the ultimate degree of flexibility and scalability while shortening time-to-market for OEMs and enterprises. Taoglas customers can choose from any of its multi-sensor, pre-certified boards, making the IoT design process as simple as activating a SIM card.

With a flexible offering covering most connectivity options, global positioning standards, vision AI and sensors, the Taoglas EDGE SoM portfolio is a complete edge-to-cloud enablement platform comprising of hardware, a cloud-based management platform and connectivity — helping enterprises reduce the cost and complexity of introducing IoT strategies and providing real-time insights and intelligence to help advance a smarter and safer future.

IAR Embedded Workbench

IAR Systems recently announced that its development tools have enabled Advantech to successfully develop their latest remote I/O data acquisition module, ADAM-6300. ADAM-6300 is able to serve as an intelligent network node in an IoT application, to meet the needs of environmental monitoring, make application configurations easier and faster and assist companies in their digital transformation.

The rapid development of IIoT has led to a substantial growth in the demand for smart edge devices. Advantech’s ADAM-6300 is an OPC UA remote I/O data acquisition module that does not require an external gateway, and can be directly connected to SCADA, database or public cloud services. It supports OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) function and includes built-in hardware security protection. ADAM-6300 is highly recommended for applications such as water treatment, machine management, and production process monitoring.

IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete development toolchain with powerful code optimizations capabilities, which enables developers to generate small, fast code, improving the execution performance as well as reducing power consumption. Combined with its extensive debugging features, developers are to make their product development more efficient.

Vecow’s edge AI platform

Vecow Co., Ltd. Have announced the latest Industrial motherboard eSBC Series. Vecow eSBC Series supports different Intel platform processors to deliver a high-performance and small form factor solution for a wide range of embedded computing applications. The eSBC Series includes multi-options of form factors including a 3.5″ single board computer, MicroATX and ATX with reliable I/O interface and is ideally suited for Intelligent Control, Public Surveillance, Factory Automation, Telemedicine, Vision Inspection and any AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications.

Vecow eSBC Series comprise of eSBC-1000, eSBC-2000, eSBC-3000 and eSBC-4000 with Intel Core/Pentium/Celeron processors to empower industrial edge computing solutions. The eSBC-1000 and eSBC-2000 are 3.5” single board computer (SBC). The eSBC-3000 and eSBC-4000 come with MicroATX and ATX form factor respectively. Coupled with large memory capability, diverse I/O, storage and audio interface, The eSBC Series brings values, smaller footprint and lower cost for industry implementation.

Vecow has also announced the latest Arm-based family of Edge AI Computing System VAC-1000. Powered by 24-core Foxconn Cortex-A53 MPU, running Hailo-8 AI accelerator at 26 TOPS, and Lightspeeur 2801S Neural accelerator at 5.6 TOPS, VAC-1000 series delivers improved efficiency and integration for broad adoption of the latest IoT Edge computing solutions.

With up to 16GB DDR4 2133 memory and optional NX Witness VMS (Video Management System) supported, VAC-1000 provides a server-grade computing capability that is ideally suited for the customer requirements in intelligent surveillance applications including Public Surveillance, Traffic Vision, Factory Automation and any AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications.

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