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RF Code’s new SaaS offering automates monitoring of remote edge IT systems

RF Code’s new SaaS offering automates monitoring of remote edge IT systems

RF Code has launched Sentry, the company’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) innovation for decentralized edge computing locations. Sentry provides autonomous and uninterrupted monitoring of unmanned IT locations at scale. With deep intelligence and real-time notifications, Sentry makes it easier for IT professionals to monitor all their remote IT spaces without being on-site.

“I can honestly say the Sentry device from RF Code will be an industry game-changer,” says John Fletcher, Lead Technology Analyst for a major U.S. retail IT firm. “You get three monitoring devices in one unit … temperature, humidity, and camera monitoring. Sentry is very easy to set up and cost-effective for our team’s budget. It has real-time visual access and rich data of each IT environment that we’re monitoring. It also has thermal scanning so I can check any room that houses critical IT equipment for potential hotspots that would cause an outage in the future.”

With the increased adoption of IoT devices, autonomous vehicles, as well as new work-from-anywhere (WFA) models, data center functions are moving to the edge to support these compute-intensive, zero-latency applications, and the demands of an increasingly remote workforce. By implementing a decentralized architecture, organizations like retailers, hospitals, hotels, manufacturers, and banks can improve localized computing power for end-users and the applications they need to drive business.

Without real-time environmental and critical asset monitoring tools in place, these unmanned and unmonitored IT spaces can be costly. Unplanned downtime, theft, and breaches can hurt an organization’s bottom line costing thousands of dollars a minute.

“We developed Sentry as a way to meet the needs of a broader, underserved edge market with a simple, scalable, and affordable real-time IT asset and environmental monitoring solution,” said Dale Quayle, CEO, RF Code. “Enterprises of all sizes need the ability to see, hear, and secure these edge environments as though they’re onsite and Sentry makes it easier to prevent, mitigate, or remediate IT situations that threaten to disrupt normal business operations—from air quality and overheating to unauthorized access and other potential threats.”

Sentry is easy to install and can be deployed in 20 minutes—all without the need for an on-site IT team, providing real-time visibility and remote monitoring from anywhere. Sentry’s SaaS model makes it more affordable for organizations to monitor several IT locations at scale.

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