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Power global RTC infrastructure with edge computing

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Power global RTC infrastructure with edge computing

Advancements in real-time communication — or the instant transmission of data across a network — make video more accessible and interactive than ever before. RTC enables users to instantly connect and engage with video from any location.

But in order to achieve high-quality RTC video transmissions, businesses need to have the right supporting resources and infrastructure in place. Rushing into an RTC deployment without these components can result in poor data transmissions and negative user experiences.

This white paper demystifies RTC, covering what RTC is, how it works, and common infrastructure challenges that businesses face — and how to overcome them using Zenlayer’s leading edge compute and networking solutions.

Readers will learn the following:

– How RTC is different from traditional livestreaming
– The technology behind RTC
– How RTC is used
– Common challenges with RTC
– How Zenlayer provides a foundation for seamless RTC
– Zenlayer’s RTC solution

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