Portshift discusses container security in virtual event with RedHat and SNYK

Portshift Discusses Container Security In Virtual Event with RedHat and SNYK

Portshift, a leader in Kubernetes-native solutions, have invited DevSecOps professionals to an upcoming interactive educational webinar titled “A Day in a Life of the DevSecOps Professional” taking place August 27th, 2020 at 3:00 pm (GMT +02:00). The live virtual event will be hosted by cybersecurity experts from Portshift, RedHat and SNYK who will conduct interactive discussions and technical demonstrations on the secure development, testing and deployment of containerized applications in OpenShift clusters.

Research by MarketsandMarkets notes that the global container security market size is expected to grow to USD $2.2 billion by 2024, at a compound annual growth rate of 30.9%. The global container security market has significant growth potential due to increasing vulnerabilities and cyberattacks, open-source container platforms, increasing popularity of microservices, growing digital transformation and regulatory requirements.

At the upcoming virtual event, the DevSecOps community is invited to explore the role of DevOps security from the beginning, starting early in development and reviewing the tools needed to secure application development. The discussion will then shift toward automated pipelines of continuous integrations, deployments and where images are built and turned into containers. The journey will continue on to explore how containers are being deployed in OpenShift clusters and what security best practices are required to reduce the risk and malicious manipulation potential.

This event will support DevSecOps professionals with container security strategies that enable enterprises to secure virtual container environments from development to production and accelerate container adoption by bridging the gap between development, operations (DevOps) and cybersecurity. The expert panelists will discuss the importance of having full visibility into container activity, enabling organizations to detect and preventing suspicious activities and attacks. The automation of security to help enforce policy and simplify regulatory compliance will be among the topics examined.

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