Pluribus Networks talks scale, connecting 1000+ nodes from cloud to edge

Pluribus Networks talks scale, connecting 1000+ nodes from cloud to edge

Pluribus Networks has announced architectural innovations in the Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric to deliver unprecedented scalability for hybrid clouds and edge computing. As organizations seek to build distributed multi-site fabrics that can scale within centralized data centers, as well as outward to edge data centers, the Adaptive Cloud Fabric is designed to meet customer demands for 256, 512 or even 1,024 switches in a unified fabric. To enable even greater scalability, as well as standards-based interoperability and service extension to third-party fabrics, the Adaptive Cloud Fabric will also support open fabric extension with EVPN.

“In the current environment, data center network fabrics must scale in multiple dimensions to meet the challenges of large private cloud and edge computing deployments,” says Kumar Srikantan, CEO at Pluribus Networks. “The Adaptive Cloud Fabric is already proven as a distributed multi-site data center fabric that is highly cost-effective, automated, agile and easy to operate. Now we can extend all the advantages of the Adaptive Cloud Fabric’s controllerless SDN automation across much larger fabrics, while also enabling EVPN-based fabric extension and multi-vendor interoperability.”

The Pluribus Adaptive Cloud Fabric, powered by the Netvisor ONE OS, simplifies operations, reduces human error and lowers costs for data center networking. Built on open network switching, the controllerless SDN architecture incorporates network automation, virtualization, secure segmentation, visibility and analytics in a comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that works right out of the box. The Adaptive Cloud Fabric has been deployed by hundreds of customers to create secure software-defined data centers (SDDCs), unified network fabrics across multi-site data centers, and distributed clouds for 5G and edge computing.

“We expect bare metal switches, the fastest growing segment within the data center switch market, to reach 45 percent of ports shipped in 2024, up from 22 percent in 2019,” said Devan Adams, Principal Analyst Cloud & DC Research at Omdia. “As bare metal switch deployments continue to increase in both centralized and edge data centers, bare metal-based switching solutions that scale to support automated cloud to edge deployments will be in high demand.”

Pluribus is hosting a live webinar on October 27.

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