OSS nabs fourth win for ruggedized edge AI for military applications

OSS nabs fourth win for ruggedized edge AI for military applications

Specialized high-performance edge computing leader One Stop Systems has expanded its engagement at a major military prime contractor with its fourth major program win.

This latest program, named “Orange Gear,” involves building an AI system consisting of a cluster of three OSS custom GPU-accelerated rugged servers. The server cluster has been designed to meet the unique power and ruggedization requirements of this airborne application. It is packed with the latest 200Gb Ethernet server-to-server networking, Gen 4 PCIe internal interconnects, NVMe storage devices, and third-party GPUs for edge AI acceleration.

Computing and storage systems ruggedization pushes the requirements for ‘edge performance without compromise’ for AI applications to boundaries not seen in the data center. Orange Gear furthers the company’s ‘data center in the sky’ strategy of combining compute platforms with solid-state storage units.

Orange Gear is similar to OSS’ first compute win with this prime contractor announced in June of last year which is currently being deployed under a multi-year contract. The deployment involves OSS all-in-one rugged GPU accelerated servers that enable U.S. Navy aircraft to conduct real-time AI-powered threat detection.

Altogether, the four major programs with the military prime contractor include: ground-based missile defense radar simulation; data storage unit for radar data in flight for the Navy; single server for AI ‘data center in the sky’ for the Navy, and; three server cluster for AI ‘data center in the sky’ for the Navy.

OSS expects these four programs to contribute additional revenue over the coming years. The success of these programs led to the company’s first program win directly with the Navy for one of the company’s storage products for other Navy aircraft.

“This latest ‘data center in the sky’ project expands our footprint with this key military contractor and provides further validation of our technology for mission critical U.S. Navy applications,” commented Jim Ison, OSS chief sales and marketing officer. “The win also reflects the increasing business we’ve been generating by combining our storage and computing solutions. We will continue to leverage our unique capabilities in specialized high-performance edge computing to expand the support of wartime theater applications for land, sea, air and space.”

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