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Open-source Cognit framework to bolster European cloud and edge infrastructure

Open-source Cognit framework to bolster European cloud and edge infrastructure

OpenNebula Systems, the coordinator of SovereignEdgeEU, announced that project Cognit has released the first version of its Reference Architecture for an AI-enabled adaptive serverless framework to enable a “cognitive” cloud that runs on both centralized and edge cloud services.

“By fusing AI into the edge cloud, Cognit is developing a European framework that will speed up the deployment of smarter, energy-efficient edge applications,” says Dr. Paul Townend, an associate professor at Umea University.

This report outlines the components and requirements of the Cognit Function-as-a-Service platform, explains its verification methodology and scenarios, and provides a plan for the implementation and prioritization of software requirements.

The Cognit open-source framework will bolster the European cloud and edge infrastructure, according to Dr. Riccardo Valentini, the founder of Nature 4.0. It provides app developers with secure and compatible access to computing and data processing services that meet requirements for hardware devices, execution environments, cost-effectiveness, speed, security and energy efficiency, he adds.

For example, the Cognit Project plans to enable the secure deployment of serverless environments through code offloading and data processing optimization in response to application demands while maximizing energy efficiency.

“Moving computing closer to where data happens is going to change our daily lives,” adds Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE’s chief technology and product officer. “To do that in a sustainable way, it is crucial to invest in technologies that enable intelligent offloading from IoT devices to the cloud-edge continuum.”

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