Nokia, Microsoft boost edge apps with MX Industrial Edge, Azure Arc integration

Nokia and Microsoft are working on integration of cloud and networking technologies to enhance the performance of the cloud-native, mission-critical industrial edge applications. The partnership aims to integrate Microsoft Azure Arc capabilities into the Nokia MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) platform, helping enterprises with their Industry 4.0 applications.

The combined edge solution will enable Nokia MXIE and private 5G network customers to access the complete Microsoft Azure ecosystem for IoT environments.

Recently, Nokia announced the launch of the cloud-native Nokia MX Industrial Edge solution that allows businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey while exploring industrial automation use cases. Primarily developed for manufacturing, energy and transportation industries, Nokia’s MXIE combines compute, storage, networking, and automated management on a unified digital IoT platform. The product is built on the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) and uses Nokia’s AirFrame Open Edge server that leverages Intel’s CPUs for high-capacity processing.

“We have built a leadership position with our private wireless networks solution and MX Industrial Edge platform by working with our valued partners,” said Stephan Litjens, vice president of Nokia Enterprise Solutions. “Our extended collaboration with Microsoft will enable and enhance the performance of Industry 4.0 mission-critical applications allowing our customers to tap into Microsoft Azure Arc in the cloud and on the customer premise’s edge.”

Microsoft Azure Arc deploys and manages Azure applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The technology allows developers to build and run cloud-native applications on any Kubernetes platform. The integration of Microsoft Azure Arc with Nokia MX Industrial Edge provides businesses to leverage Azure capabilities and enable a private 5G network for real-time edge processing.

Nokia MX Industrial Edge has already been used with private wireless 5G connectivity at the Port of Seattle to enhance the efficiency of port operations by better handling the data flow within the ecosystem. Another use case for MXIE is the Arçelik electronic manufacturing platform. The edge solution takes care of high-accuracy indoor positioning for real-time asset tracking and video analytics-based applications for site safety and security applications. Nokia notes that some other potential use cases for manufacturing industries include inventory control, safety and facility management, quality control, high-resolution video for remote inspection, and facility-wide voice and video communication.

“With Microsoft Azure Arc, a wide ecosystem of applications, and our long-standing work with Nokia, we can provide AI-powered insights and identify solutions to workflow issues for mission-critical Industry 4.0 applications running at the edge,” said Keith Sutton, CTO, Telco Service Line at Microsoft.

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