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Nokia, EGC launch first private wireless network in Caribbean port

Nokia, EGC launch first private wireless network in Caribbean port

Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL) has partnered with Nokia to introduce the first private wireless network at its container terminal in Jamaica. The network was installed and will be deployed by Nokia Channel Partner EGC International.

The companies say this implementation will enhance KFTL’s ability to cater to modern logistical demands, bolster safety procedures and improve overall productivity via wireless connectivity at port yards and docks. The news was announced during the TOC Americas 2023 event held in Panama.

Marcelo Entreconti, the director of Nokia Enterprise for Latin America, shares his thoughts on the collaboration: “We are very pleased to collaborate with KFTL to increase its regional competitiveness. Nokia solutions are key enablers for terminal productivity, efficiency and safety and security operational improvements.”

Victor Agnellini, CEO of EGC International, adds: “This partnership will empower the terminal with advanced technology, optimising operations and ensuring seamless communication for all stakeholders.”

KFTL embarked on its Digital Transformation journey by embracing Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) and MXIE, a wireless private network and industrial digitalization platform. These technologies will be implemented to deliver industrial-grade connectivity and empower KFTL with edge computing capabilities.

The private wireless network is anticipated to have a significant impact on the market and industry. Terminal Operation System (TOS) applications, connectivity for over 100 Vehicle Mounted Terminals (VMTs), cranes, and trucks and more than 260 push-to-talk over LTE devices for staff will be supported. In the near future, the companies say that the network will connect up to 1,300 devices and enable remote operations and real-time monitoring of terminal equipment.

Carlos Cabrera, the chief operating officer of KFTL, highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and enhancing operational safety.

“We are committed to continually improving our operations safely and keeping innovation as part of our DNA,” he adds. “Nokia’s LTE and 5G private wireless network is a key component of KFTL’s strategy to drive endpoint productivity and security.”

Nokia says that it has deployed mission-critical networks for over 2,600 organizations and serves more than 635 private wireless customers worldwide.

Nokia was also in the news this month for joining forces with Vodafone in Italy to expand Open Radio Access Network (ORAN). The collaboration aims to create an inclusive environment, inviting software providers, startups and local businesses to participate in the telecom industry through open APIs.

The partnership’s objective is to launch a commercial pilot project for 5G Open RAN technology, showcasing its functionality and performance. Faster data speeds and reduced latency are among the benefits of this wireless communication, company executives say.

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