Nexar claims to reduce real-time mapping costs by 40x with edge AI

Nexar claims to reduce real-time mapping costs by 40x with edge AI

Nexar, a real-time mapping company, says it achieved a 40x reduction in real-time mapping costs by leveraging change detection, edge AI and crowdsourcing.

As a result, the company says that CityStream Live, the company’s real-time mapping platform, is now offering mobility providers more cost-effective access to mapping data.

Nexar says real-time mapping enables advanced mobility services and autonomous vehicles. However, traditional map-making methods are too expensive and labor-intensive to meet the demand. These conventional techniques produce outdated maps, limiting their usefulness in modern applications, Nexar says.

“The CityStream Live platform enables over 20 million daily detections in a cost-effective way, providing petabytes of visual data to improve safety, comfort, and mobility,” says João Barros, the chief platform officer at Nexar. “Our easy-to-use APIs and SDKs empower industry players to build the next generation of mobility solutions with the unprecedented advantage of real-time mapping.”

Nexar says it harnesses an extensive network of camera-equipped vehicles via crowdsourcing to capture 94% of US roads each month and 3 billion miles of road vision data yearly, reducing the costs of real-time mapping.

Nexar’s CityStream Live platform utilizes five key innovations: crowdsourced data collection, edge AI processing, change detection, frame-on-demand and high-precision 3D map reconstruction. According to Nexar, these technologies enable the system to reduce transfer, storage and processing costs while providing accurate and up-to-date map layers and image or video evidence. This makes 3D mapping more accessible to a broader range of users at an affordable price.

“This full-stack, end-to-end, “pixel to API” platform is already shaping a more accessible, efficient and connected future for mapping companies, automotive OEMs and beyond,” adds Barros.

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