New AI-driven tool can help modernize applications, vFunction says

New AI-driven tool can help modernize applications, vFunction says

California-headquartered vFunction, a provider of an AI-powered platform for application modernization, has announced the public availability of the vFunction Assessment Hub to identify the root cause of technical debt in applications. The introduction of the offering aims to calculate the effect of technical debt across applications and their negative impact on innovation. Tools such as the ones offered by vFunction will be important tools that developers can use to identify code that can be executed in edge computing environments for performance and security improvements.

“Traditionally, app modernization has been risky, costly, and slow, but it doesn’t need to be. Our top priority is to provide customers and partners with a powerful, automated, and low-cost assessment solution that helps to democratize the way legacy app assessment, planning, and modernization is addressed today,”  said Moti Rafalin, CEO and co-founder at vFunction.

According to Gartner Research’s survey analysis, one of the top inhibitors for innovation in organizations is the debilitating cost and huge technical debt in complex applications. As per the company’s research, the existing manual assessment approaches are slow, complex, costly and often fail to deliver better business outcomes. To address this, vFunction has developed Assessment Hub, which can be integrated with the vFunction Modernization Hub to analyze the technical debt of legacy applications.

To analyze the technical issues in existing complex applications, the company’s technology measures the application complexity based on the code modularity and its dependency on other parameters. It then measures the risk of changes impacting the stability of the deployed application and the length of the dependency chain. All of these factors are analyzed for the overall technical debt level.

“Given the complexity and interdependence of today’s multi-layered application estates, CIOs and technology leaders need to prioritize their modernization efforts before they start pulling on threads that can unravel further complexity,” said Jason English, Principal Analyst at Intellyx.

As an application modernization platform, vFunction Assessment Hub enables developers and software architects to modernize legacy application portfolios and explore the capability of cloud computing for innovation and scaling.

The process for vFunction Assessment Hub is divided into four sections– calculate the technical debts of the applications through AI-trained algorithms, analyze key parameters that provide ROI and total cost of ownership factor, prioritize the technical debts to assess the benefits of modernization, and finally to immediately move to re-factoring, re-architecting, and rewriting applications.

“The vFunction Assessment Hub provides an entry point for evaluating the ROI of breaking down legacy monoliths and decoupling dependencies, so refactoring efforts can be better aligned with business goals,” English further added.

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