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Netradyne packs more power for object detection, positioning in driver, fleet safety system

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Netradyne packs more power for object detection, positioning in driver, fleet safety system

Netradyne has expaned its Driveri product line with the introduction of the D-430 video safety device. In addition to the new hardware, the company also announced enhancements to its Driveri Mobile App and a host of new industry-leading features to its vision-based safety platform.

The D-430 retains all of the advanced features and functionality of its predecessor, the D-410, while offering next-level performance including powerful processing capabilities, upgraded imaging sensors, higher accuracy GPS and improved visual object detection. By pairing the fastest, real-time processing on the market with 4 sophisticated onboard camera sensors, fleets have unparalleled visibility to make quick and accurate decisions that improve safety and reduce accidents.

Netradyne driver430

“We have consistently focused on designing, creating and deploying the most advanced vision-based platform available,” explains Avneesh Agrawal, chief executive officer, Netradyne. “With this newest release, we have pushed the boundaries of computational power, thereby enabling the system to quickly and accurately recognize superior driving performance or address risky driving behavior in real-time before it becomes an unsafe event.”

Driveri provides fleet managers with a comprehensive view of drivers’ activity through a blend of real-time, positive driving notifications and best practice identification. It provides a balance of positive, supportive comments along with constructive feedback – engaging drivers in balanced interactions that promote productive and collaborative relationships, and ultimately safer drivers.

Driveri also streamlines coaching workflows by providing automated weekly coaching sessions that are pushed to the driver through the Driveri Mobile App. Built for driver engagement and coaching, the Driveri Mobile App is a tool for both drivers and fleet safety managers to enhance driver safety. It provides drivers with real-time access to view and improve their GreenZone driver score and ranking. GreenZone is the industry’s first driver score built to recognize good driving, versus solely focusing on negative events, and is quickly becoming the industry standard in driver performance.  Drivers can self-coach by reviewing key events with accompanying suggestions on how to improve performance and increase their score.

“The Driveri App is core to our driver-first approach,” notes Adam Kahn, President, Netradyne. “It’s proven that drivers who use the app average a 51-point higher GreenZone score than drivers that do not, all without manager intervention. Because of the awareness it provides, the app enables drivers to take charge of their performance and professionalism. Fleets that use the app will more quickly realize the benefits of enhanced safety, improved driver data transparency, higher driver retention and better business performance.”

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