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Neon, Vercel introduce new serverless SQL database for advanced web applications

Neon, Vercel introduce new serverless SQL database for advanced web applications

Neon, a company specializing in cloud-based serverless databases that use Postgres, has joined forces with Vercel, which caters to front-end developers.

Called Vercel Postgres, this serverless SQL database allows organizations and developers to build application logic without worrying about data storage infrastructure, the companies say.

As a result of the partnership, developers can combine Neon’s serverless Postgres with Vercel applications. The company says businesses can now deploy serverless Postgres applications with high performance and low latency.

In addition, Neon Postgres will also integrate with the Next.js App Router and Server components. In other words, front-end developers can now access data from the database and produce dynamic content on the server.

“Our goal is to bring databases to the edge and empower developers to make the Web faster and more personalized for every visitor across the globe,” says Guillermo Rauch, the CEO of Vercel. “By partnering with Neon, Vercel’s front-end platform is now the end-to-end serverless solution for building on the Web, from Next.js all the way to SQL.”

Vercel offers edge functions, which are serverless functions that run at the edge of its global network of data centers. Vercel’s Edge Functions can deliver dynamic and personalized content to users based on location and other parameters. Companies can also reduce network usage costs and improve response times by running functions at the edge, especially for globally distributed databases.

Vercel’s edge network allows users to store content close to its customers and compute in regions close to the data. This process helps reduce latency and improve user experience. The edge network comprises a content delivery network and a globally distributed platform for running compute at the edge.

“Neon’s Serverless Postgres is designed to give developers the flexibility and scalability they need to build great, cost-effective applications,” says Nikita Shamgunov, the CEO of Neon. “Our partnership with Vercel is the perfect next step in this mission, allowing us to provide developers with Postgres databases that are powerful and affordable.”

Neon has released a comprehensive guide that outlines the process of connecting a Vercel project to Neon using Neon Vercel integration. This integration connects a Vercel project and a Neon database. It allows users to create a database branch for every preview deployment. Preview deployments mean that users can preview changes to the application in a live deployment without merging those changes to the Git project’s production branch.

pgEdge Incorporation recently secured $9 million in a seed financing round led by Sands Capital and Grotech Ventures. The company also launched its distributed edge database that utilizes the open-source PostgreSQL database to support applications at the network edge.

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