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NEC, Fortinet to deliver more secure 5G networks for communications service providers

NEC, Fortinet to deliver more secure 5G networks for communications service providers

NEC Corporation, an IT and network integrator leader, and Fortinet, a cybersecurity provider, have announced a global partnership to accelerate the development of secure 5G networks for communications service providers (CSPs). The two companies will collaborate in developing 5G networks that meet the growing security requirements of enterprises and businesses.

“5G success and growth depends on service providers’ ability to quickly and securely deploy networks that enterprises will trust,” said Mike Elizondo, vice president of Global Service Provider sales at Fortinet. “This partnership with NEC positions us to provide CSPs the broadest, most integrated security solutions available as they look to capitalize on 5 G’s promise.”

With the collaboration, the companies say that Fortinet will provide its security solutions, including the world’s most deployed next-generation firewall and highest performing hyper-scale firewall. On the other hand, NEC will provide professional services to deliver carrier-grade, long-term networking essential for 5G. Combining the two companies’ products and services will offer CSPs a comprehensive 5G transport security solution.

5G brings an exponential increase in data usage and network architecture changes, such as Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). The companies say that ensuring protection against new dangers without sacrificing customer experience is a top priority. To adapt to this change, CSPs must implement comprehensive end-to-end security architecture and safety as a top priority, the companies said.

The collaboration of Fortinet and NEC will allow CSPs to get a comprehensive insight into customers, apps, and hazards with a single pane of glass and effectively defend themselves against known and unknown threats in the 5G era. The two organizations will focus on significant network security services and use cases, such as mobile roaming, radio access network (RAN), Gi-LAN/N6 and telco/edge cloud security.

This cooperation is another example of the two companies committed to working together. For instance, in 2021, the companies, along with the telecommunications wholesale provider Cetin and signal security provider Cellusys partnered on a network security project in Eastern Europe. The project involved end-to-end services ranging from installation and commissioning to modernizing CETIN Group’s network in Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria, as well as the Telenor network in Montenegro.

“The global partnership with Fortinet is a perfect fit for NEC Open Networks’ ecosystem to enable our services to meet the customer’s urgent and diverse needs for network security in the 5G era,” said Hideyuki Ogata, General Manager, Service Provider Solutions Department, NEC Corporation. “NEC CoEs already have rich experience in network security, including the recent success with Fortinet for CETIN and others.”


This partnership between NEC and Fortinet is significant because it will help to accelerate the development of more secure 5G networks for communications service providers (CSPs) globally. As 5G security is on the minds of many enterprises worldwide, this partnership will help address some of their concerns. The two companies bring complementary strengths to the collaboration, with Fortinet providing its security solutions and NEC offering its carrier-grade networking expertise and systems integration capabilities.

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