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More MSPs join the federation: Zadara’s Federated Edge Network helps growing range of providers offer edge cloud

More MSPs join the federation: Zadara’s Federated Edge Network helps growing range of providers offer edge cloud

Zadara has announced that its Federated Edge (FE) program is experiencing significant momentum – just a few short months after its initial launch. Designed to help Managed Hosting Service Providers (MHSPs) win on a global scale, the FE program introduces a new, fully managed, distributed cloud architecture. By leveraging a global network of MHSPs, the FE unlocks new use cases and revenue models made possible for its MHSP members without requiring investments in hardware, technology or human capital. Zadara has added more than 30 partners to the program and has upwards of 60 new clouds located around the world and available for use by FE operators and solution providers.

“We see a future where there is a Federated Edge Cloud in every city in the entire world, hosted by an MHSP, allowing edge customers to deploy workloads at sub 5 milliseconds no matter where they are,” says Nelson Nahum, CEO, Zadara.

The rapid move to remote work and the continued need to do business globally have combined to underscore the importance of resilience and flexibility for MHSPs and their customers. Moving workloads to the edge – closer to where data is generated and consumed – is necessary to achieve this needed strength and agility. Until now, MHSPs have found themselves between a rock and a hard place when looking to grow. To offset the cost of working with expensive hyperscalers, or procuring and deploying costly, burdensome infrastructure themselves, MHSPs have turned to other alternatives to achieve their growth goals.

Helping MHSPs blaze a path to the edge, Zadara’s FE program enables them to provision Infrastructure-as-a-Service business solutions to customers as close as necessary to those customers’ workloads, through a shared revenue model. According to Zadara partner NFINIT’s Jeremy Fitzpatrick, Zadara’s FE goes even further – allowing the provider of enterprise-class cloud, connectivity, colocation, and technology services to add services that just didn’t make sense for them to build on their own. “Zadara has given us the opportunity to expand our footprint of existing services, such as backup and disaster recovery, into the client environments and other areas we may not have been able to reach before. Zadara is a great partner with whom we can confidently build our business.”

“We regularly hear from MHSPs that they have had to pass on business because a customer needed to deploy workloads in a region where they did not have a presence,” adds Nahum. “Now, for the first time, thanks to our FE program, MHSPs can deploy edge cloud workloads anywhere in the world, not just within their own data centers. With just a few clicks, FE operators can access a large, global, uniform edge cloud unlike anything available on the market today.”

Zadara delivers superior turnkey solutions for partners with the benefits of on-demand compute, network and storage services anywhere, in an existing on-premises data center, in a private colocation facility, or in the cloud. This flexibility enables customers to develop, deploy, run and virtualize any application on a true 100% OpEx consumption-based model.

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