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MobiledgeX platform update enables MNOs to deploy, manage to public cloud

MobiledgeX platform update enables MNOs to deploy, manage to public cloud

MobiledgeX has announced its latest work to advance edge efforts, releasing the latest version of its globally deployed MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform. The release comes as mobile operators expand public cloud adoption, private network build outs and global edge initiatives like GSMA Telecom Edge Cloud (TEC) in support of 5G and edge computing pursuits. MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 3.0 keeps operators in the driver’s seat for all cloud engagements via common interfaces that make it easy to manage application workloads across any environment while maintaining control over data, privacy and security. The company is already working closely on multi-cloud management strategies with select operators that have announced high-profile public cloud rollouts.

Sunay Tripathi, MobiledgeX Chief Technology Officer and EVP of Engineering and Product, explains: “The public clouds are making large investments in technology development and deployments so it is important for mobile network operators to take advantage of these efforts. Our software that overlays in-network edges and public clouds helps operators make important decisions around how those deployments are managed today and will provide critical future flexibility and optionality. It is no coincidence that some of the mobile operators signing public cloud partnerships are also some of the first to be working with us to help manage them. MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 3.0 gives mobile operators full control over how they roll out cloud and edge with an open, cloud-agnostic architecture that offers data visibility and sovereignty that is not available in pure public cloud engagements.”

The release of MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 3.0 follows customer discussions focused on how to get the most out of public cloud now while maintaining the flexibility needed to remain agile and independent in ongoing cloud consumption. The platform can be installed within multi-cloud environments, including private edge networks, an increasing range of open and vendor infrastructures, or even bare metal for added efficiency. Regardless of deployment strategy, this latest release gives operators access to the same robust control plane with a comprehensive set of operational management tools and automation capabilities to manage cloud instances across all edge sites at scale.

This additional control layer unlocks differentiating and defining edge management benefits that pave the way to cost efficiencies, revenue opportunities, enhanced security and control not available via public cloud alone.

Key features in MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 3.0

– “Trusted Cloudlets” for private edge support. Extends MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud’s common key management, security and management architecture to work in conjunction with public cloud capabilities. This unlocks multi-cloud support and control that is necessary to consume edge resources for operator 5G applications alongside third-party applications while still benefiting from cloud economics.

– Improved insights and management of cloudlets for operators. Operators can use MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 3.0 for better resource management and visibility in the cloud versus relying on hardware to determine resource availability.

– Application and device performance optimization. A distributed matching engine works with operator networks and various 5G capabilities to provide an aggregated, location-based, time-series view of devices and applications consuming the edge, including quality of service and latency.

MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud 3.0 builds on MobiledgeX’s parallel engagement with application developers and mobile operators to deliver required operator control while meeting the needs of cloud native application developers across third-party apps and operator network functions.

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