Automating the Edge with Robotics

Mobile Edge Forum 2022

Mobile Edge Forum 2022
Virtual Event
November 15, 2022

5G supports multi-Gbps throughput, ultra-low latency, high reliability and support for massive numbers of connected devices. To ensure these advancements in latency aren’t offset by transporting data to centralized DCs for processing, compute and storage has to be distributed throughout the network. Investments at the mobile edge will enable 5G to meet the vision of real-time, responsive, network-based decision making and action. Without the mobile edge, enterprise 5G users won’t be able to gain the efficiencies associated with use cases like precision robotics, AGVs, computer vision, etc… At this event, we seek to explore the buy and sell side of mobile edge computing as it is today and as it will be in the near future.

  • Engage with leading experts in our interactive agenda sessions, focusing on all things MEC
  • Learn about how edge services are being monetized and scaled right now
  • Identify potential industry partnerships and network with new connections
  • Gain inclusive insight into current market trends and use cases
  • Deep dive into real-world edge network testing experiences
  • Gain practical advice about how to utilize edge effectively


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