Deploying AI Models at the Edge

mimik to collaborate with AWS, help developers bring microservices from cloud to device edge

mimik to collaborate with AWS, help developers bring microservices from cloud to device edge

Hybrid edge cloud company mimik announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services to offer its patented Hybrid Edge Cloud platform to AWS customers to develop applications utilizing the resources of edge devices and AWS infrastructure.

The collaboration is meant to empower developers to leverage the computing resources of edge devices like smart phones, tablets, and IoT devices as a seamless extension of AWS cloud resources. This way only essential data will be sent to the central cloud and the rest will be processed and communicated by edge devices.

mimik’s Hybrid Edge Cloud platform extends the cloud to the edge by enabling any computing device to act as cloud servers, offering a more flexible application operating environment while lowering the costs of operations and application delivery time along with offering higher data privacy for their user base. The platform provides peer-to-peer communications amongst devices and apps regardless of the operating system or the connectivity network.

mimik’s edgeEngine is available for Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Raspbian, QNX, OpenWRT, and FreeRTOS and has been deployed on a variety of edge devices such as smart phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, WiFi routers, NAS appliances, and IoT devices.

“With the exponential growth of smart devices and their computing power, the ability to process more data on consumer and enterprise edge devices presents an unprecedented opportunity to enable solutions that are otherwise not feasible today”, says Sam Armani, VP of Business Development at mimik. “We are excited to collaborate with AWS to empower developers with our Hybrid Edge Cloud Platform to make digital and cloud transformation feasible for many applications and industry sectors today.”

“AWS customers look to our APN Partners to support them with scale, elasticity, availability, and security for deployment and management of devices at the edge,” adds Eric Gales, Country Manager, AWS Canada, Inc. “As an APN Technology Partner, mimik has proven capabilities to help customers reduce the burden of undifferentiated lifting in managing devices at-the-edge, helping implement edge-enabled applications faster using the edgeEngine.”

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Deploying AI Models at the Edge


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