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Litmus integrates edge cloud with Google for 5G-enabled industrial applications

Litmus integrates edge cloud with Google for 5G-enabled industrial applications

Litmus has announced a partnership with Google to enable industrial edge computing with 5G and Google Cloud. Litmus Edge, an edge connectivity, analytics and application enablement platform, is integrated with Google Cloud to allow customers to connect and collect industrial data from any asset in a ready-to-use format for immediate use in Google Cloud.

Google Cloud is working with Litmus and other partners to enable innovative manufacturing use cases such as remote diagnostics, robotics, AR/VR content, AI, and machine learning. With new 5G capabilities delivered at the edge, manufacturers can, for example, run advanced AI-based visual inspections directly from 5G-enabled devices, all without the need for local processing power to reduce costs and the need for on-site storage.

“As the manufacturing industry relies increasingly on connected machines and digital processes, these businesses need the ability to collect data from any type of industrial system to enable IoT applications at the edge,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We are pleased to have Litmus join us as an ISV partner to help manufacturers modernize processes and enable new AI capabilities at the edge, with Google Cloud. Together we’re enabling the rapid delivery and deployment of new vertical services and applications.”

Litmus Edge is a modern edge platform that collects data from any industrial asset, offers pre-built applications, KPIs and analytics, provides the ability to build and run custom applications, and integrates data with any cloud or enterprise system. Leveraging existing global networks from Google together with Litmus Edge, businesses can optimize latency, lower processing costs by processing data and compute cycles at the edge, and eliminate the need to transport data from the edge to a central location for real-time computing.

“Litmus Edge is a modern edge platform, purpose-built for industry and to bridge factory floors to the Cloud, so this partnership with Google perfectly aligns with our work to help customers enable Industrial IoT,” said John Younes, Co-founder and COO of Litmus. “Together our solution offers rapid-time-to-value, allowing manufacturers to quickly set up Litmus Edge to connect and collect data from any data source, then perform real-time local analytics and send valuable data to Google Cloud over 5G for advanced analytics, business intelligence, machine learning and AI. We can then offer rapid application deployment back to any connected edge device for closed loop control.”

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