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Lenovo launches AI Innovators Ecosystem to help enterprises deploy AI Solutions

Lenovo launches AI Innovators Ecosystem to help enterprises deploy AI Solutions

Lenovo, a global technology company, has launched the AI Innovators program to help businesses of all sizes confidently deploy artificial intelligence (AI), including applications such as Smart City and manufacturing that use edge AI.

The program helps software vendors (ISVs) and customers who want to bring AI out of the research phase and into widespread use.

As businesses look to increase efficiencies, they often seek AI to help with this. The IDC forecasts a 22% growth in AI services in 2022 and total overall spending will increase to $52.6 billion in 2025.

“AI remains a key driver of IT investment, which in turn boosts spending on related services to ensure sustainable adoption at scale,” said Jennifer Hamel, research manager of Analytics and Intelligent Automation Services at IDC. “Client demand for expertise in developing production-grade AI solutions drives IT services expansion, while the need to establish the right organization, governance, business process, and talent strategies spurs spending on business services.”

Lenovo says that the AI Innovators program from Lenovo is helping organizations make cognitive decisions at scale across several industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and smart city applications. This enables vertical use cases like predictive maintenance, autonomous shopping, and clinical decision support.

The program provides a one-stop shop for enterprise AI. It offers a unique diversity of technology partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), industry-focused solutions, hardware and more.

Through the AI Innovators program, Lenovo is working with over thirty AI ISV partners across various applications and services, representing more than $1 billion in venture capital investment. The partners are helping to create industry-first AI solutions that address fundamental requirements at the edge, including factory automation, retail store optimization,  and healthcare analytics.

“Sunlight is honored to be one of the first global Lenovo AI Innovators partners,” said Julian Chesterfield, Founder and CEO of Sunlight. “Together, Lenovo and Sunlight technologies are creating industry-first AI solutions that address the real requirements at the edge, turning data into decisions across thousands of oil platforms, retail stores and manufacturing robots. This partnership allows Sunlight early access to Lenovo’s latest edge innovations for certification and proofs of concepts that mutually benefit our networks of partners, ISVs and enterprises.”

The company says the program makes AI deployment more straightforward and cost-effective for software developers. It also provides users with the confidence to deploy today’s most innovative AI solutions.

According to Lenovo, the gapless ecosystem is comprehensive, covering all areas necessary for successful AI deployment. This includes pocket-to-cloud-to-HPC options, middleware software, certified AI platforms, AI vertical applications, and custom AI services. The Lenovo AI Innovators initiative uses industry-leading open source technologies like Intel’s Open Vino and One API. These technologies optimize AI solutions across various architectures to help businesses get the most out of AI solutions. The initiative reduces the complexity and expense for AI software developers, allowing customers to have greater confidence in deploying AI software.

“The Lenovo AI Innovators partner ecosystem provides a one-stop shop to help customers of all sizes easily deploy AI with confidence,” said Scott Tease, Vice President and General Manager of HPC and AI, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. “From early proofs of concept to scaling AI, Lenovo’s partner ecosystem provides the full range of support to help businesses simplify implementation across a variety of infrastructures and deploy today’s most innovative AI software, so they can gain actionable decisions in retail stores, factories, hospitals and cities across the world.”

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