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Lanner gets ISO safety certification for edge compute used by autonomous driving systems

Lanner gets ISO safety certification for edge compute used by autonomous driving systems

Lanner Electronics recently attained ISO 26262 certification for automotive functional safety, and reinforcing its initiative in developing edge compute platforms for autonomous driving systems. As one of the first industrial computer companies to be certified for ISO 26262, Lanner commits to bringing their AI-accelerated edge computing hardware solutions that enhance the performance of perception, prediction algorithms for autonomous driving systems.

ISO 26262 is an international standard intended to ensure safety throughout the lifecycle of automotive equipment and systems, covering all the functional safety aspects of the entire development process. In 2021, over 50 Lanner product managers and engineers have received the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Certification Programme (FSCP) certification and understand the latest functional safety knowledge and best practices. Moving forward, Lanner aims to acquire IATF 16949, a technical specification on quality management system development in the automotive industry supply chain and assembly process.

As Lanner continues to expand in functional safety compliance verification, the company is currently involved in offering edge computing hardware solutions for several autonomous driving projects, including traditional car vendors as factory-installed solutions, and startup companies as innovative self-driving solutions. Powered by Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, Lanner edge compute systems provide workload-optimized platforms with built-in AI acceleration, performing as the central brain for level 4 autonomous vehicles, processing the extensive amounts of data from car sensors, cameras, and LiDAR.

“As a 30-year leading hardware solution provider for enterprise network security, Lanner leverages our strengths in developing highly customizable, high availability compute platforms for self-driving sectors,” notes Jeans Tseng, CTO of Lanner Electronics. “Lanner is extremely proud to be entrusted with ISO 26262 functional safety verification to develop next-gen edge compute platforms for 5G and AI markets, in addition to further accelerating deployments of autonomous driving applications.”

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