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KX, EnterpriseWeb join forces to offer network observability and automation solution

KX, EnterpriseWeb join forces to offer network observability and automation solution

KX, a time-series database and real-time analytics solution provider, has partnered with EnterpriseWeb, a provider of telecom virtualization and automation technology. The companies are aiming to solve one of the core challenges of network service providers — managing networks at scale with as few humans as possible.

The partnership leverages KX’s real-time analytics capabilities based on the kdb+ time series database and EnterpriseWeb’s orchestration platform. The co-developed solution offers an integration solution for networks that require no human intervention and service management on a large scale, the companies said.

The results show a significant increase of 10 times in traffic throughput and a 9.5 times improvement in energy efficiency. The company claims that there is an opportunity to expand the analytics on mobile edge and core technologies.

“We’re excited to see how our partnership with EnterpriseWeb can be applied to other use cases where the real-time monitoring and management of distributed networks and low latency response and remediation is a critical requirement,” said James Corcoran, the chief growth officer at KX.

The observability solution uses KX technology to monitor the streaming data and network traffic to generate alerts when the limit levels are exceeded. EnterpriseWeb’s orchestration platform receives these signals, enabling it to adapt its configuration to handle the high network traffic and address potential threats.

Previously, the two companies worked together as part of the 5G edge network automation test-bed hosted by Intel Network Builders. By integrating KX and EnterpriseWeb, they created a self-organizing network that optimizes the transmission of secure packets.

However, as the company says, the self-organizing network needed to be more vendor-centric and limited in scope. The newly co-developed network solution provides a near-real-time self-organizing network with the capacity to adjust configurations for a variety of applications.

“The joint KX and EnterpriseWeb solution enable and accelerates the Telecom transformation journey to Digital Service Providers,” said Dave Duggal, the founder and CEO of EnterpriseWeb. “KX and EnterpriseWeb present a lightweight, low-latency, high-performance solution for an edge-optimized Telco Cloud platform.”

Earlier this year, NS1 announced the launch of DNS Insights, a DNS observability solution that troubleshoots misconfigurations and other network errors. It uses Orb, an open-source DNS data analysis tool, to detect and prevent DDoS attacks.

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