IoTech deepens Google Cloud ties

IoTech deepens Google Cloud ties

IoT software provider IoTech is expanding its partnership with Google to help enable manufacturers, building operators and other IoT users to run edge-cloud solutions at scale.

IoTech focuses on one of the IoT’s biggest and least discussed issues — the problem of southbound connection to devices in the field. While a northbound connection into the cloud is typically REST or MQTT, there are a huge number of different communications protocols out to devices in the field.

As Zededa’s Jason Shepherd recently said on a webinar  “I keep on seeing these high-level architecture diagrams with data lakes and hubs and meshes and at the bottom there is a small box which says sensors and gateways, which tells me the presenter has never done an IoT deployment.”

IoTech has several products that can accept connections from up to 20 common protocols, running on servers (EdgeXpert) as well as on constrained edge devices with limited power that are found in the field (EdgeXRT). EdgeXRT has can also run on some legacy devices. Earlier this year,  IoTech launched an orchestration and management platform, EdgeBuilder, which enables customers to run edge solutions at scale.

Under the expanded partnership, seamless data integration with Google Cloud will be provided as standard. The platforms also include an SDK making it easy for customers to build new OT connectors if required.

Google is not IoTech’s only hyperscaler partner; it also has a partnership with Microsoft. The company combines low-cost Azure Sphere MCU (Microcontroller units) with EdgeXRT, which means it’s possible to provision Azure onto household objects like washing machines.

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