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IOTech, Advantech team up to expedite Industry 4.0 tech deployment

IOTech, Advantech team up to expedite Industry 4.0 tech deployment

IOTech, an edge software solutions provider, recently partnered with Advantech to deliver edge data processing solutions for smart manufacturing and industrial automation.

The collaboration enables integrated edge hardware and software solutions for manufacturers to automate data exchanges between equipment and control systems, automating data exchanges and simplifying the adoption of AI and machine vision technologies, the companies say.

IOTech and Advantech note that improving manufacturing systems can often be challenging and expensive, requiring integration and data aggregation from multiple sources. Edge computing and Industry 4.0 standards are being embraced to optimize access to industrial data and eliminate system silos. This enables manufacturers to adapt to evolving requirements quickly, company executives say.

Carolyn Swan, the director of partnerships at Advantech IIoT Group, articulates the potential impact of the collaboration, stating, “The partnership between Advantech and IOTech delivers advanced solutions for industrial manufacturing utilizing our edge hardware and IOTech’s leading open edge computing technology.”

She elaborates on how this integrated approach empowers organizations to quickly and economically implement Industry 4.0 in manufacturing and other industrial sectors, surpassing previous capabilities.

The new product line from IOTech and Advantech combines plug-and-play edge software with IoT edge gateway and industrial PC hardware. According to the companies, the new edge offering enables users to build autonomous decision-making processes, monitor assets and operations in real-time, and create unified networks and systems through integration. Use cases include equipment protection, predictive maintenance, production flow monitoring and supply chain optimization.

IOTech says its Edge Connect software allows users to create data-driven industrial applications using AI, analytics and inferencing technologies. The software also simplifies device onboarding through user-friendly tools and discovery features. Standard APIs facilitate integration with third-party applications, IT, cloud and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems.

Keith Steele, CEO of IOTech, emphasizes the potential of the partnership, stating, “Until now, it has been too complex and costly to develop new industrial solutions that can take advantage of the latest advances in edge computing and Industry 4.0 standards. With our joint solution, users now have the underlying infrastructure in place to expedite adoption of new, innovative technologies.”

Advantech’s initial hardware support encompasses a range of devices, including the UNO-2000 edge gateway series, the ECU-150 embedded IoT edge gateway and the MIC-770 V2 high-performance IPC and serves industries including smart manufacturing, renewable energy, smart building and retail.

IOTech recently secured an investment from Dell, which will fuel the expansion of its operations in North America. The company says this infusion of funds will enable IOTech to enhance its product development and further solidify the market positioning of its open-edge data platform.

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