Inq licenses Enea Edge to lead 5G deployment in Africa by providing orchestration layer

Inq licenses Enea Edge to lead 5G deployment in Africa by providing orchestration layer

Inq, a cloud and networking services provider for edge computing, has licensed the Enea Edge management platform through a perpetual software development license. With offerings from hypervisors and applications to edge device orchestration, Inq says it is positioned to be a full-stack software provider.

Inq says it worked with Enea for over two years to leverage the edge management platform as a virtualization and management software foundation for the Inq universal CPE platform.

Enea Edge is an edge virtualization platform purpose-built to host virtual networking and edge applications on white box universal customer premise equipment (uCPE). It focuses on high performance with a minimal footprint, particularly in the areas of edge applications and networking.

“Enea Edge IP is extremely strategic for Inq. We have been working steadily towards being a global edge leader and have embarked on having edge as part of our core strategy. While Inq has been mainly focusing on edge applications such as AI, SDN, NFV and IoT, with the IP licenced from Enea Inq. will now be able to enter the edge orchestration space,” said Andile Ngcaba, executive chairman of Inq.

The Enea Edge platform provides a feature to automate deployment and management through Zero Touch Provisioning, ansible automation, and orchestration integration. The software can scale from low-end to high-end Xeon servers for cost-efficient deployments. Enea Edge has three main elements: Enea Edge Runtime, Enea Edge Management, and Enea Edge Automation, which takes care of the end-to-end management of the edge ecosystem.

“Inq is now building a product roadmap for ENEA Edge in the Inq. Development Centre in India. We will be able to provide business and technical support to ENEA Edge’s existing client base and a licensing arrangement for global telco’s, ISPs and MSPs for uCPE and white box deployment,” said Pramod Venkatesh, Group CTO at Inq.

Earlier this year, the company also acquired Syrex and expanded its edge solutions to South Africa. Before the agreement, Inq already was present in sixteen African cities and served clients across a variety of industries, including banking, oil and gas industries, FMCG, mining, health, real estate, IT, public sector, and logistics.

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