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IBM adds Cloud Satellite to Equinix collaboration, interconnecting with 230 edge data centers

IBM adds Cloud Satellite to Equinix collaboration, interconnecting with 230 edge data centers

Equinix and IBM are furthering a collaboration that aims to help with the integration of multiple cloud solutions in hybrid cloud environments. The companies said customers and partners can now access IBM Cloud services from their digital infrastructures on Platform Equinix worldwide via direct and secure interconnection of hybrid IT infrastructures.

By 2022, over 90% of enterprises worldwide will be relying on a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs, according to IDC. This adoption is being driven by the need for more agile and reliable infrastructure. With a hybrid cloud deployment, you can seamlessly move workloads back and forth between on-premise applications and the public cloud. The use of interconnection services facilitates the secure movement of data and applications in these environments.

IBM Cloud Satellite can be deployed to 230 Equinix edge data centers across 64 metros with Equinix Fabric, helping enterprises connect to IBM Cloud from their physical or digital infrastructures. Equinix Fabric is software-defined interconnection service designed to let companies connect to cloud services such as IBM Cloud—including in regions with no native IBM Cloud Direct Link presence. Using interconnection services also lets IBM customers connect to other cloud or SaaS providers in an integrated hybrid multi-cloud architecture.

IBM Satellite on Equinix Metal

IBM Satellite on Equinix Metal

The companies originally revealed a collaboration in May 2020 with the introduction of the Equinix Metal service. Equinix Metal is based on the platform built by New York-based Packet that Equinix acquired in 2020. With this latest announcement, the companies said Equinix Metal is now certified to run IBM and Red Hat applications, with an initial focus on Red Hat OpenShift, delivered via IBM Cloud Satellite.

IBM Cloud Satellite  is a managed Kubernetes service that allows IBM’s customers to run workloads off-premise, on other public clouds, and at the edge. According to IBM, Cloud Satellite is designed to enable clients to access cloud services with consistency and security across any environment wherever their data resides.

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