Honeywell partners with Accelerator for America on Smart City strategies

Honeywell partners with Accelerator for America on Smart City strategies

Honeywell has announced a collaboration with Accelerator for America, a provider of tools and technical assistance to cities, to launch the Honeywell smart city accelerator program. The program aims to help cities strategically plan their future by building smart city solutions. The five U.S. cities selected are Cleveland, Louisville, Kansas City, San Diego and Waterloo.

As part of the Honeywell smart city accelerator program, each city will receive technical support to develop smart city plans. The strategic plan will involve key stakeholders and identify the initiatives that will impact residents’ quality of life. These include climate resiliency, public safety, operational efficiency and improved service delivery.

“We are proud to work with Accelerator for America to support cities of all sizes to advance their smart city journeys and drive meaningful outcomes such as advancing sustainability efforts, creating equity, digitalizing systems and helping to improve safety,” said Matthew Britt, general manager, Smart Cities and Communities at Honeywell.

Honeywell chose the five U.S. cities through an application process that reviewed the cities’ leadership vision and data strategies. The process also assessed existing sustainability plans, climate plans and operating budgets.

Accelerator for America is led by an advisory council of mayors, laborers and business leaders. They collaborate to establish solutions for economic prosperity and carry out these plans with the city stakeholders.

Honeywell plans to work with city stakeholders to create a four-track Smart City Strategic Plan that addresses the following areas:

  • Smart City Vision: Given the focus of key stakeholders, which may include reducing operating costs or enhancing resident engagement, the team will identify possible outcomes, such as strengthening community resilience.
  • Operational Framework: The team will provide a roadmap for managing and supporting smart city projects to help cities integrate new technologies into the existing system.
  • Project Definition: To achieve the goals defined in Track 1, high-impact projects and possible business opportunities will be identified.
  • Smart City Project Plan: The team will guide cities through project implementation and define the overall smart cities governance structure.

“Identifying and creating local initiatives to grow community wealth and increase economic security is how we advance our mission to create national change from the ground up, and that’s exactly what the Honeywell Smart City Accelerator Program does,” said Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, CEO of Accelerator for America.

The Honeywell City Suite software is an AI-enabled IoT platform that integrates sensor data, such as traffic, streetlights, environment and security. The software reaches more than 100 million people in 75 cities worldwide.

“Honeywell’s expertise in smart city technology will benefit the people in each of the cities we work with, and together, we will create models for other cities to follow,” Wiederwohl concluded.

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