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FLYHT awarded certification for advances in 5G edge computing in Airbus A320 aircraft

FLYHT awarded certification for advances in 5G edge computing in Airbus A320 aircraft

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd, a provider of aircraft connectivity and data services, has achieved a milestone in the realm of edge computing as Transport Canada grants the company a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the flange version of its AFIRS Edge.

AFIRS Edge is a 5G wireless data communication device designed for Airbus A320 aircraft.

The certification from Transport Canada aims to pave the way for FLYHT to deliver edge units to Canadian A320 customers. Moreover, it serves as a foundation for expanding distribution globally by familiarizing the Canadian STC into other jurisdictions, according to the company.

Kent Jacobs, President and Interim CEO of FLYHT, expressed pride and gratitude for the accomplishment, emphasizing the collaborative effort involved. He notes: “This achievement not only establishes FLYHT as having the aviation industry’s first wireless data and communications device with 5G capability, but it also puts us in a leadership position to provide this advanced technology to airlines operating Airbus A320 aircraft.”

The AFIRS Edge serves as an aircraft interface device (AID), linking aircraft data with electronic flight bag (EFB) applications and enabling Wireless Quick Access (WQAR) capabilities. Additionally, it acts as a gateway for critical real-time information and onboard data storage.

FLYHT also notes that the AFIRS Edge is suitable for any aircraft and supports flexible installation locations including the E&E bay depending on customer preference or upgrade needs. The device aims to enhance FLYHT’s actionable intelligence services, including fuel management, aircraft health monitoring, real-time engine data reporting, and airport gate performance monitoring.

When combined with a real-time IP satellite connection, the Edge facilitates the implementation of weather solutions, enhancing weather forecasting capabilities and providing more accurate and timely warnings of extreme weather events, according to FLYHT. It also aids in the detection and avoidance of contrail generation.

Highlighting the importance of edge computing in aviation, FLYHT offers airlines connectivity solutions and operational insights to enhance safety and efficiency.

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