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Exame, Azion launch real-time Black Friday traffic map; Azion offers new developer product suite

Exame, Azion launch real-time Black Friday traffic map; Azion offers new developer product suite

Exame, in partnership with the edge computing platform Azion, has created a map that visualizes data from some of Brazil’s largest e-commerce sites. The map displays traffic volume, checkout rates and blocked attacks for each website.

The Black Friday Live Map provides users with real-time data to help them make informed decisions about when to buy items and avoid website crashes. The companies say it is a valuable tool for 44 of Brazil’s largest 50 e-commerce retailers using Azion’s services.

The map offers granular detail by filtering information by desktop or mobile usage and trends throughout November. In addition to providing insight into peak sales times and high-traffic locations, the map also shows the origin of the traffic. It allows users to identify days and times with the most cyber attacks, providing companies with an efficient way to route corrections for their websites during peak shopping periods.

Rafael Umann, CEO of Azion, said, “Since we serve the largest companies in the e-commerce segment, we are the only ones able to record parameters about the online shopping market, far beyond market research. In addition to making this online traffic information available for the period and checkout accesses, we are also able to see in real-time how many cyber-attacks are happening and being blocked, helping to secure these services, which can protect their users with greater efficiency and speed.”

With this tool, the companies claim that e-commerce sites can use real-time data to optimize their user experience and stay ahead of cyber attacks, allowing them to serve their customers better and maximize the potential of digital commerce. Additionally, businesses can use the Black Friday Live Map data to make informed decisions about web design and marketing campaigns to create a more robust online shopping experience.

The Black Friday Live Map is available on Azion’s website and will be available for other upcoming shopping holidays, such as Christmas.

Azion promises to simplify edge development with new product suite

Azion has announced the release of its product suite, Azion Build. The company advertises that its suite makes it quicker and easier to develop modern serverless edge applications, thereby increasing efficiency. They say that developers can use Azion’s serverless edge platform to deploy and scale apps while maintaining flexibility, performance, reliability and security.

“Azion Build makes complex web apps easy to distribute on the decentralized edge so developers can unleash their creativity and focus on creating modern web applications,” said Alessandro Cauduro, the chief developer experience officer at Azion.

Azion Build provides developers with the flexibility to customize their edge applications, either by creating something entirely new or adapting existing creations. This serverless platform enables businesses to deploy resilient and cost-efficient applications on a global scale.

The need for manual configuration of the low-level infrastructure or operating system is eliminated, making it easy for developers to quickly build and scale applications. With Azion’s solutions, developers can experience improved speed and efficiency when transitioning from the cloud to the edge.

Since Azion follows open standards, developers won’t need to learn anything new in order to use it. Additionally, any applications made with the product can be easily deployed on other platforms.

Azion Build includes many features, such as Edge Functions, to create event-driven web apps on the edge. It also supports WebAssembly to develop native applications based on familiar high-level programming languages like C/C++ and Rust. React-based frameworks Next.js and Flareact are supported for rendering dynamic web pages at the edge.

“Driven by our goal of creating a platform that is for developers, by developers, we crafted the product suite based on the input and needs of the developers in our community,” added Cauduro.

Earlier this year, Azion unveiled a marketplace that enables open-source communities and software developers to provide edge solutions using its Azion edge platform. The marketplace offers an extensive catalog of security, data analytics and artificial intelligence applications.

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