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EdgeIR Fireside chat: Couchbase CTO Ravi Mayuram on Edge 2.0 and the data synchronization challenge

A new episode of Edge Industry Review’s Fireside Chat interviews featuring is now available.

In this episode, Edge Industry Review spoke with Ravi Mayuram, CTO of Couchbase, a provider of a leading modern NoSQL database for enterprise applications.

In the interview, viewers can gain an understanding of the issues driving what Mayuram sees as the development of “Edge 2.0” and how developers are dealing with the challenges of storing and using edge data.

Show notes

(01:02) Couchbase’s definition of “Edge 2.0.”

(4:26) The enterprise view of the edge is changing as IT architectures become more distributed.

(8:13) The approach of data regionalization through cloud availability zones versus edge.

(9:41) Modes of connectivity for databases and the problem of decentralizing data access

(12:22) The challenge of synchronizing data across distributed databases

(14:44) Examining data mesh versus data fabric, and how moving logic to the data is better than moving the data to the application logic

(19:10) There are changes in the enterprise developer role for edge and mobile applications, but the sales motion remains largely the same.

You can watch the full interview on our YouTube channel or our Vimeo channel.

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