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Edge Impulse’s new HRV algorithm aims to improve human health

Edge Impulse’s new HRV algorithm aims to improve human health

Edge Impulse, an IoT development platform provider for machine learning on edge devices, has introduced new capabilities for processing Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data. The company says these advancements outperform existing algorithms, increasing accuracy in interpreting PPG and ECG sensor outputs.

Accurate heart rate and variability measurement are used for health and medical applications. The HR and HRV blocks provide enterprises and developers with tools to tackle activity tracking, sleep monitoring, fall detection and atrial fibrillation challenges.

According to Alex Elium, the lead DSP engineer at Edge Impulse and the developer of the HRV product, the new algorithm improves the accuracy of HR and HRV values obtained from a PPG sensor. He says the company reduced the noise commonly associated with wearable data, such as finger-based sensors, by enhancing standard processing techniques.

“This significantly reduces the R&D investment to build custom algorithms that would take years to refine for use in the field, whether for clinical trials or consumer wearable devices,” Elium continues.

Edge Impulse also provides other edge AI tools for health applications, deployable on different hardware such as GPUs and smaller MCUs on wearables. The company says that on-device intelligence enables real-time insights, enhanced privacy and extended health device battery life.

Features include health sensor algorithms for tracking various health data types, ECG/PPG for real-time heart health monitoring, EEG for neurological assessments, motion tracking and body temperature monitoring. Additionally, there is a clinical research data repository for storing and validating clinical trial data and data campaign dashboards for real-time project monitoring and increased team efficiency.

Several companies leverage Edge Impulse’s medical-grade tools for edge AI.

For example, Know Labs is a developer of non-invasive medical diagnostics technology, bringing the first FDA-approved, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring solution to market. Oura, the maker of the popular health-tracking device Oura Ring, uses Edge Impulse’s platform to build and train data models for medical research and development.

Nowatch, a wearables company, collaborates with Edge Impulse to use AI for monitoring mental well-being. Hyfe utilizes Edge Impulse’s platform to deploy its AI model for cough detection, enabling real-time and efficient respiratory health monitoring. SlateSafety’s BAND V2 wearable tracks signs of stress for people working in extreme conditions, with Edge Impulse aiding in aggregating and processing sensor data on-device for worker protection.

Edge Impulse notes that its platform complies with FDA regulations for AI use in medical devices.

Edge Impulse was recognized as a Gartner 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor for its work on simplified edge application deployment at scale. The company offers a free platform for developers, while enterprises can subscribe for access to additional features. The 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor report showcases innovative companies in the edge computing space.

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