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Edge Impulse, unite to support Photon 2 platform and improve IoT development

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Edge Impulse, unite to support Photon 2 platform and improve IoT development

Edge Impulse, a development platform for machine learning, has joined forces with, an integrated IoT Platform-as-a-Service provider.

This collaboration focuses on integrating the newly introduced Particle Photon 2 IoT device into the Edge Impulse development platform. The main goal of this partnership is to make the development and implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning models at the edge (edge AI) smoother.

“We’re excited about this collaboration as it allows us to offer an integrated, developer-friendly platform that further enhances edge computing capabilities,” says Raul Vergara, the executive vice president of growth at Edge Impulse. “By supporting the Particle Photon 2 board natively in our platform, we’re giving developers the power to deploy sophisticated ML models directly to IoT devices, marking a significant milestone in edge technology.” says it introduced Photon 2 to succeed its original Photon device, with enterprise capabilities and improved security features. Photon 2 supports dual-band Wi-Fi, operating seamlessly on 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies while incorporating integrated Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Further, company executives say that Photon 2 showcases a performance upgrade featuring a robust ARM Cortex M33 processor with a clock speed increased from 120 to 200 MHz.

The Photon 2 device also comes with pre-certifications for regulatory standards, including FCC (Federal Communications Commission), IC (Industry Canada), and CE (Conformité Européene), ensuring seamless compliance for hassle-free deployment.

Recommended reading: New hardware from Particle accelerates cellular IoT device development adds it has been serving the IoT community for nearly a decade, offering its IoT Platform-as-a-Service and the Photon IoT device, which provides integrated wireless connectivity.

Earlier this year, Edge Impulse and MemryX, a provider of AI accelerator technology for edge devices, joined forces to help engineers develop and implement AI models on MemryX’s advanced AI chips.

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