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Edge Ecosystem Podcast: Kyndryl on integrating the edge ecosystem

Edge Ecosystem Podcast: Kyndryl on integrating the edge ecosystem

Edge Industry Review has a new episode of the Edge Ecosystem Podcast that covers Kyndryl and the systems integration opportunity for the edge computing market.

The Edge Ecosystem Podcast by Edge Industry Review is a series of interviews that foster an understanding of the edge computing ecosystem. EdgeIR connects with leading industry experts across a variety of technology markets to talk about current topics.

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Since spinning out from IBM as an independent company in 2021, Kyndryl has assembled an ecosystem of over 20 global partners, including cloud hyperscalers: Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud – something that perhaps wouldn’t have happened as a part of IBM.

Kyndryl, which provides systems integration and managed services, has also engaged in new 5G and edge deals with major global customers like Nokia and Cisco, as well as partnerships with Lenovo and Red Hat.

As a result, Kyndryl says these new relationships have helped it build a pipeline of $1 billion in signings in the 2023 fiscal year.

EdgeIR talked about the edge ecosystem with Paul Savill, Kyndryl’s Global Practice Leader for Networking and Edge computing.

Show timestamps

(1:43) A significant portion of the edge opportunity is a systems integration play — why is that? How long it might be that way?

(4:06) Savill talks about specific examples of deals Kyndryl has been closing and the market verticals that are heating up.

(7:20) What Kyndryl is seeing in terms of edge applications, including edge AI.

(8:53) Kyndryl is growing its partnerships as an independent unit; the effect that is having on deal growth and go-to-market motions.

(11:42) Kyndryl and the opportunity in private 5G.

(13:16) Are different structures for revenue sharing or ways customers are funding deals helping drive growth?

(16:00) On systems integration opportunities versus managed services opportunities and how customers are experiencing ROI.

(18:03) On helping motivate customers in long, complex integration projects by showing value.

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