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Edge AI revolution: Exploiting the growing market opportunity for machine learning

Edge AI revolution: Exploiting the growing market opportunity for machine learning

Barbara IoT is a Madrid, Spain-based provider of a secure edge platform aimed at the industrial sector. The company is garnering attention in Europe, with customers using its technology to monitor and secure power grids, water management systems and other critical infrastructure.

Now the company is sharing its experience in data management in a webinar on the “Cutting Edge of MLOPS” on June 27 at 12pm EST or 6pm CEST. The webinar is aimed at AI/ML teams that want to learn and adopt best practices in implementing machine learning at the edge.

Other companies such as Hugging Face, Owkin, Nvidia, Apheris, Modzy, Seldon, HPE, and Picsellia are also joining in a webinar. Webinar attendees will gain insights into how to build compliant, efficient, and real-time edge AI, according to Barbara IoT.

Edge AI combines edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to bring advanced computing capabilities to the network’s edge. Barbara IoT customers using its platform for Edge AI includes Cuerva, an electricity operator in the southern region of Spain. Cuerva utilizes Barbara’s technology to analyze local data obtained from transformer cells, fault detectors, and external sensors. In the case of surges or unusual cell behavior, the system generates alerts from each substation or transformation center, eliminating unnecessary preventive maintenance visits.

According to Barbara IoT, these companies and others see a need to implement machine learning (ML) on the edge. This shift is driven by factors, including a need to minimize latency for autonomous equipment; a need to reduce the cost of cloud data ingestion and storage; a lack of connectivity in remote locations where highly secure systems can’t be connected to the open internet.

The company says webinar attendees will:

  • ‍Learn about the tools, systems, and structures necessary to prepare for scaling in the edge.
  • Gain insights from industry leaders on navigating the complexities of edge AI implementation.
  • Stay ahead of the curve in edge AI.

Those interested in the webinar can register here.

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