DuploCloud updates unified cloud DevOps and compliance platform, launches first open-source product

DuploCloud updates unified cloud DevOps and compliance platform, launches first open-source product

Cloud automation and security firm DuploCloud has recently updated its unified cloud DevOps and compliance platform, offering a look at how developers will use SaaS tools to build edge applications that provide the same security and controls as their core cloud applications.

Tools for cloud compliance have become more commonplace as developers seek to maintain control over their data. As more developers leverage edge compute infrastructure, keeping track of data and applications across distributed assets will be even more critical for privacy and security.

The process of coding security and compliance controls has still tended to be done manually, but as companies like AWS alone have 200 different services, keeping abreast of service changes is extremely challenging.

“In the post-covid era, enterprises are conducting more of their business online in industries that traditionally did not have online productivity solutions,” explained DuploCloud CEO Venkat Thiruvengadam. “While many of these innovative solutions are offered by startups they struggle to meet the high security and compliance requirements of a mature enterprise,” Thiruvengadam added.

DuploCloud executives claimed their tool can auto-generate 90% of the manual security and compliance controls required by most companies, as well as allow companies to implement security and compliance frameworks in weeks. This, in turn, translates into ten times faster cloud provisioning and a 75 percent reduction of costs.

The company’s latest upgrade brings compliance with various industry standards, including HITRUST and NIST, SOC 2, PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA. Additionally, the DevOps and compliance platform’s interface has been revamped, and new integrated diagnostics features have been added, including logging, monitoring, and alert notifications.

The DuploCloud Platform acts as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) product, providing digital subject matter expertise across more than 500 services in AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, security and IoT, among others.

DuploCloud also announced the launch of Compliance Auditor 1.0, the company’s first open-source product. The software is designed to automate the collection of evidence for compliance audits. The tool helps with compliance requirements by providing continuous and automated evidence collection without the need for coding or manual data collection.

Taking monitoring and compliance to the edge

DuploCloud has been marketed for use in cloud deployments, but the company notes that DuploCloud functionality helps developers using edge infrastructure.

“If you have any on-premises hardware that you want to use as an extension to your cloud environment, you can use DuploCloud for that. You will also get built-in application deployment, CI flow, monitoring, logging, security controls, connectivity to your VPC and a SIEM dashboard for compliance,” executives told EdgeIR in an email.

“All these can take months to set up if done manually or even using automation scripts using Ansible, Chef, or Puppet. If you choose to do automation yourself, getting a true extension of your public cloud account where local machines have secure access to cloud resources and services is a lot of extra work that you will need to do to have seamless deployments and the ability to burst,” they explained.

The new DevOps version and Compliance Auditor updates come amidst DuploCloud reporting a 250% growth in revenue and a substantial increase of customers over the past year. The company will showcase the solutions at the AWS re:Invent event in Las Vegas between November 29 – December 3, 2021.

“We are excited to bring DuploCloud’s hyper-scale functionality and compliance automation to these short-staffed developer teams which have had to delay projects due to the complexities of enterprise security requirements,” Thiruvengadam concluded.

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