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Duos unveils rail inspection partnership and edge AI subsidiary appointment

Duos unveils rail inspection partnership and edge AI subsidiary appointment

Duos Technologies Group CEO, Chuck Ferry recently disclosed a strategic partnership with a Class 1 railroad aimed at the deployment of their subscription-based railcar inspection system. The announcement was made at a press conference the company had to outline significant advancements in its business strategy. The event was attended by local dignitaries, members of the Jacksonville chamber of commerce, and industry stakeholders.

This system, currently in production and testing phases with major railroad operators, is set to evolve safety and efficiency in rail operations. Ferry indicates that Amtrak is already utilizing this system and confirmed the commencement of building two high-speed systems scheduled for production early next year. During the event, the company shipped a specialized edge data center, used to handle extensive AI and data processing, similar to those to be deployed by Duos’ new subsidiary.

Ferry emphasizes Duos’ expertise in executing large-scale projects, highlighting their capabilities in deploying Railcar Inspection Portals (RIPs), edge data centers, and supporting power infrastructure. These developments position Duos at the forefront of AI, data center deployment, and power infrastructure, marking significant growth opportunities.

“We are pleased to unveil these pivotal advancements that reinforce our leadership in rail safety and expand our technological footprint into new sectors,” adds Ferry.

Additionally, Ferry announced the appointment of Doug Recker, an IT veteran and former marine, as president of Duos Edge AI, effective July 15, 2024. According to the company, Recker will spearhead initiatives to provide edge data centers to remote areas, with the aim of enhancing connectivity and computing capabilities for educational, healthcare, and rural industries.

“I am eager to lead Duos Edge AI and harness our expertise to foster innovation in underserved communities,” says Recker.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Duos Technologies Group designs, develops, deploys and operates technology solutions using Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence to analyze fast moving freight, passenger and transit trains and trucks streamlining operations.

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