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DT to launch AR gaming content for Samsung Galaxy Note20 using MobiledgeX

Deutsche Telekom and partners have set out to deliver a new level of edge-native support for multi-gaming experiences, according to a company blog post. Deutsche Telekom is planning to roll out Multiplayer XR gaming content with Samsung and MobiledgeX to be uniquely experienced on Samsung’s Galaxy Note20 5G device Mobile Edge Compute Enablement Layer embedded, edge native devices. The experience is expected to soon be available to customers and powered by Deutsche Telekom’s live commercial MEC enabled 5G network in Germany.

AR-like experiences on mobile networks demands consistent access to peak speeds and low latencies, as well as customized processing capabilities available at the network edge. “As we continue to build out our 5G network, it is evident that MEC plays a critical role in our ability to deliver differentiated experiences for enterprise and consumers alike” says Alex Jinsung Choi, SVP Strategy & Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom. “We are thrilled to intensify our partnership with Samsung as we grow an ecosystem of operators, developers and device manufactures around the Edge.”

“We are excited to bring highly immersive experiences by enabling Samsung’s first MEC functionalities on Galaxy Note20.” adds Hadrian Baumann, Senior Vice President and Head of Europe & CIS Product Marketing Group, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “This new partnership reflects our deep commitment to ongoing open collaboration to deliver meaningful innovation and unparalleled connectivity that will fundamentally change the way we work, communicate and live our lives.”

The partnership underpins the need to deliver application developers a simple interface that seamlessly integrates into their existing cloud-native ways of working and operating. “The ecosystem is growing from the cloud, to network, to the edge, and seamless access to those resources on versatile aggregation platforms will lead to the development of next generation experiences and more importantly unprecedented industry innovation, resulting in the monetization of new services and optimized operationally efficient service delivery.” Explains Ulf Andersson, SVP, Business Development and Sales, MobiledgeX.

The partners selected the XR gaming experience to showcase the power of the network edge, not only for its unique graphical and contextual designs, but specifically for the multiplayer game play and immersive feel, where edge resources become the critical enabler.

“Through our continued collaboration, we anticipate the suite of experiences to grow in the future and to include relevant consumer and enterprise commercial examples. The combination of advanced MEC networks, innovative devices, and most importantly seamless developer access to mobile resources will lead to new services and ecosystem partnerships,” adds Alex Jinsung Choi.

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