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DataBank completes Zcolo migration, purchases land for data center

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DataBank completes Zcolo migration, purchases land for data center

DataBank has been in the market for renting data center locations to retail customers. The acquisition of land along with the purchase of data centers from competitors have helped DataBank, a leading provider of enterprise-class colocation services. The latest developments include purchasing building and land in Denver and completing the migration of Zcolo customers.

The moves show how DataBank is executing on its strategy to help enterprise and hypsercale customers bring complex workloads closer to data sources by acquiring land and scaling its data center footprint. The recently completed migration of zColo customers, for example, has enabled DataBank to address the increasingly diverse workloads from partners and retail customers by providing faster data processing. DataBank now claims it is the largest privately-held data center provider in the US and counts more than 1.7 million sq. ft. of colocation space and 183MW of installed UPS capacity. The recent acquisition of 44 data centers from Zayo Group Holding in 2020 was one key driver in growth, and also included 13 key interconnect locations across 23 markets from the US and Europe.

The inside of DataBank’s DEN2 facility
Source: DataBank

Last year, DataBank announced the purchase of 6961 S. Quentin Street in Centennial CO where it plans to become the future home to DEN5 – DataBank’s 5th Denver data center. Recently, the company said it had acquired a building and land at 6900 South Peoria Street in Centennial, CO which is the home for the existing DEN2 data center. This means the new DEN5 facility sits adjacent to the existing DEN2 data center, making it a convenient ecosystem for retail colo customers as Databank combines the two properties to create an 11-acre campus. To address the needs of high-density computing and hyperscale workloads, DataBank said the combined facilities will cover a total area of 108,000 sq. ft. with more than 75,000 sq. ft. of raised flooring and 15MW of UPS power.

“DataBank’s investment in this property aligns with our strategy of owning the largest edge data center footprint in the U.S.,” commented Raul K. Martynek, DataBank’s CEO in a prepared statement. “By creating this campus, DataBank is responding to Denver’s need for colocation, connectivity, and cloud services, and solidifies our status as a prime location for mission-critical workloads serving the Denver metropolitan area,” he said.

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