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DartPoints deploys TMGcore liquid immersion-cooled Edgebox in its data centers

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TMGcore DartPoints

DartPoints and TMGcore have announced the deployment of 11 of TMGcore’s Edgebox platforms for connecting networks, content and applications at the edge. The high-performance computing (HPC) technology sets the industry’s standard for the most compact, high density, low Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) data center infrastructure.

“This partnership between DartPoints and TMGcore allows our cloud, content, and network provider customers to reach a new benchmark when it comes to high-performance computing at the edge,” notes Scott Willis, DartPoints CEO. “We are deploying these across our portfolio to highlight the scalability of edge-based computing. The world’s leading providers, who come to DartPoints for the latest in edge interconnection, need solutions that will stretch the power of their networks beyond Tier 1. DartPoints is proud to be building the next generation of cloud edge infrastructure to support them.”

TMGcore’s OTTO and Edgebox platforms are designed for high density compute to be deployed wherever it is needed while significantly reducing costs, footprint, environmental impact, and ultimately operating more efficiently than traditional methods. More specifically, by utilizing Two-Phase Immersion and patented designs, the TMGcore product offerings allow for zero water usage, up to 3,000 watts per square foot, PUE’s as low as 1.028, footprint reduction up to 90%, integrated software systems and robotic hot-swappable capabilities for lights out operations.

“We have optimized our platforms for a range of distributed deployments – all of them with high densities and minimal footprints,” adds John David Enright, CEO of TMGcore. “We look forward to deployments in DartPoints markets around the country – and our partnership demonstrates how these technologies work together in a meshed configuration to allow for content and workloads to effortlessly flow to where they are needed most.”

DartPoints creates aggregated, neutral meet-me-points within local markets to exchange content and applications, optimizing performance and experience for users everywhere. Utilizing TMGcore’s unrivaled capabilities, DartPoints can now deliver unprecedented edge compute capacity in 60- to 90-day timeframes across multiple real estate classes. With a focus on neutrality, efficiency and edge market optimization, TMGcore’s solutions are deployed and operated within DartPoints’ edge colocation and data center sites.

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