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Cradlepoint launches S700 IoT router with Zero Trust security

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Cradlepoint launches S700 IoT router with Zero Trust security

Cradlepoint, a provider of wireless WAN and private 5G network technologies, has launched a new IoT router named S700, which is built on a Zero Trust architecture.

The Ericsson subsidiary says the solution provides enterprise customers with solid security features, allowing them to protect large-scale IoT deployments more effectively.

Cradlepoint states that the S700 IoT router uses NetCloud Exchange Secure Connect. This cloud-based management platform enables easy network solution control. The company emphasizes that this solution addresses the rising threat of cyber attacks targeting internet-connected digital edge assets.

“By off-loading security from the perimeter to a distributed Zero Trust architecture, Cradlepoint is offering IoT devices access to a collection of robust security services that have traditionally not been available on typical IoT routers,” says Chantal Polsonetti, the vice president, industry analyst at ARC Advisory Group.

The system’s security features are founded on a Zero Trust architecture, ensuring that no user or device is automatically trusted, regardless of location within the network perimeter. As a result, the enterprise system can maintain constant authentication and authorization of users and devices while continuously monitoring and controlling network traffic.

Cradlepoint states that integrating the S700 and NetCloud Exchange Secure Connect will establish a secure infrastructure to facilitate the deployment of IoT devices at the network edge. Lean IT organizations will find this approach for controlling and monitoring the network particularly beneficial, the company says.

The S700 router from Cradlepoint has a small design and can protect IoT devices from public scans once connected. This process limits communication to authorized resources and isolates them from cyber threats.

“Last year, we launched NetCloud Exchange as an advanced security and SD-WAN extension to Cradlepoint NetCloud to make managing security threats easier for those teams,” says Donna Johnson, the senior vice president of marketing at Cradlepoint. “The S700 with zero trust capabilities shows our commitment to 5G — and security-first services to support enterprise WAN transformation — at scale.”

Earlier this year, Cradlepoint extended its NetCloud Exchange platform by acquiring Ericom, a cloud-based security company. The companies say that this combination allows for PCN, WAN, and web security to be managed with a single-pane-of-glass solution.

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