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Cox Edge is a Leading Lights 2022 finalist; launches new Omaha location

Cox Edge is a Leading Lights 2022 finalist; launches new Omaha location

Cox Edge, a full stack edge-cloud infrastructure service, recently announced that it is a finalist in the Leading Lights Awards for its innovative AIOps solution. The Leading Lights Award is a global communications industry program by Light Reading. It recognizes companies and executives for their outstanding next-generation telecommunications advancements.

Cox Edge was nominated for its achievements in AIOps, a field that uses machine learning and big data analytics to improve IT operations via automation. Cox has detected anomalies in real-time through its innovative edge-based solution, improving availability and reducing downtime. Further, the Cox Solution bolsters speed and dexterity via reduced MTTR, prevented outages, and an improved CX. It also cuts the cost of operations because of its intelligent automation and proactive measures that lower tickets and incidents.

Benefits that result from Cox Edge’s AIOps solution include:

  • Event correlation provides security analysts with logical analysis and full context of related events, so they can make informed decisions about responding and investigating.
  • Predictive & proactive modeling and decision-making to avoid failures and outages and effectively forecast traffic.
  • Capacity management involves using statistical analysis or AI-based analytics to plan for optimal application availability and workloads across infrastructure predictively. End users can monitor utilization, bandwidth, CPU, memory, and more in real-time to help prevent downtime.
  • Self-healing occurs when machines use AI to identify and fix IT problems so developers who typically handle those issues can focus on new technology solutions instead.
  • Visualization provides enhanced clarity via insightful log analysis, root cause analysis and predictive analysis dashboards.

The Cox Edge team implemented an AIOps solution to improve the performance and consistency of their integrated customer experience (ICE) platform. This platform is used for retail and inbound sales but had several challenges. These challenges included application runtime dependencies that affected throughput, reactive degradation handling and co-inverse customer satisfaction scores.

To address these issues, the Cox Edge team used advanced analytics and forecasting techniques to identify potential workload fluctuations. They also used log analysis tools to monitor code runtime consistency and elasticity techniques to add container services as needed quickly. As a result, they could consistently meet SLA requirements, proactively detect degradation in service performance, and automate restarts as required. Overall, their AIOps solution helped to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the overall user experience.

On November 18, 2022, Leading Lights will announce the competition winners via an online video on Light Reading.

Cox Edge launches new Omaha location

Cox Edge also recently announced the launch of a new data center in Omaha, Nebraska. Cox Edge’s expansion into Nebraska will allow the company to better serve key industries in the state, including agriculture, manufacturing and finance.

With its strong agricultural heritage, Nebraska is well-known for its growing manufacturing and financial industries. Cox Edge says it provides services that support these important economic sectors. Its edge-cloud infrastructure service can deploy from its last-mile edge center in Omaha and helps businesses enhance their data-intensive use cases. This includes virtual computing, bare metal services, edge CDN, serverless computing, distributed containers and managed Kubernetes.

Cox Edge says that the Omaha data center launch expands the company’s coverage in this central region of the U.S, complementing existing locations in the Midwest and south in Kansas. According to the company, its growing network in this Midwest locale shows its determination to ensure every region gets the needed services and capabilities.

This news comes shortly after Cox Edge launched a new data center in Merrifield, Virginia. Cox Edge said the new Virginia-based facility will enable the company to service key industries, including aerospace, cybersecurity and healthcare and other customers in the Virginia region.

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