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Taubyte is a Distributed Edge Computing platform with a unique and innovative twist that eliminates software development, deployment and routing complexity at the Edge, allowing (I)IoT developers to focus on product features; thus, reducing both costs and time to market.

At Taubyte we’ve built the first truly intelligent edge computing platform. Seamlessly extending from Edge Data Centers all the way to customer’s Edge devices, it can version and replicate data, ensure consistency even through high latency and unstable links, and dynamically provision proximity serverless computing, storage, database, ledger, and message brokers.

Business Need: Ease of developing and deploying distributed software at the Edge for a burgeoning number of (I)IoT devices.

Edge Need: The Taubyte stack, core component of our platform, operates on edge computing servers at data centers located in major metropolitan areas and strategic markets. This stack can also be present on any connected device (e.g., vehicle, cell phone, windmill, watch, etc.), including (I)IoT Gateways where data is aggregated from smart devices and equipment at enterprise sites. Serverless functions mentioned above can be distributed among these edge computing resources to promote efficiencies.

Ease of Incorporation: Taubyte exposes all its Edge computing services as functions (a.k.a. serverless). Those functions can be called through REST APIs, local calls, hooks, etc. We even partner with (I)IoT Gateway manufacturers and resellers to have our stack built-in. As long as the serverless model is understood by the development team, on-boarding is seamless.

Taubyte is a Texas-based startup that simplifies (I)IoT development and deployment through its distributed edge computing platform.

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