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Deeplite combines breakthrough AI technology with years of research at the world’s top universities to create Neutrino, an AI-driven optimizer that streamlines production deployment for sophisticated deep learning systems. Neutrino uses AI and a novel DNN design space exploration to rapidly make production-ready deep learning for real-time, large-scale and resource-limited environments. The result is cost-effective AI on commodity hardware that scales with our customer’s growth in consumer, automotive and IoT devices. For more information, visit


Explaining Edge Computing


Edge-native applications: What are they and where are they used?

By David Sprinzen, vice president of marketing at Vantiq. Despite growing awareness of edge computing, there still lies a big…


What is edge AI and what is it used for?

Even though edge computing is being talked almost hand in hand with edge AI, what is behind the term and…


Tinkerbell gets pixie dust for managing K8s on bare metal as Equinix looks to grow governance roles

By Jason DeTiberus, senior staff software engineer at Equinix Metal The open source Tinkerbell project originally focused solely on provisioning…


How-To: Microsoft showcases object recognition, people counting app code for Percept

In March, Microsoft unveiled the public preview of Azure Percept, a platform of hardware and services that aims to simplify…


The future is here and it’s distributed: What the metaverse is and why it needs edge computing

The end of 2021 saw a Big Bang of sorts for interest in the “metaverse”, with Google searches increasing roughly…


All along the cell tower: where to place edge and micro data centers?

Edge computing is a growing trend in digital networking, with investment, research and development, and now deployments of edge devices…

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