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Comcast focuses connectivity on smarter buildings, environments with expanded partnerships

Comcast focuses connectivity on smarter buildings, environments with expanded partnerships

Comcast Smart Solutions (CSS), a smart technology and connectivity provider, has announced its commitment to providing more efficient environments through expanded collaborations with partners.

The company says the collaborative effort is helping customers save on energy costs while delivering higher levels of interaction.

Comcast Smart Solutions has partnered with technology providers such as Quantela, Creative Realities and Umojo to expand its urban infrastructure and interactive digital signage solutions. Other partners include Conservation Labs, Eagle Eye Networks, Juganu, Logical Buildings, MachineQ, netPark and SmartEnds.

“There is incredible potential for smart technology to unlock new efficiencies for businesses and municipalities, and we look forward to continuing to simplify the smart technology journey for our customers,” says Mike Slovin, the VP and general manager of Comcast Smart Solutions.

More specifically, the non-profit social enterprise, Hopeworks, is collaborating with Comcast Smart Solutions and Logical Buildings to create a smart energy management solution using Comcast smart thermostats and leak detection sensors. The SmartKit AI toolkit from Logical Buildings powered by Comcast’s MachineQ platform provides real-time insights into energy use, aiding Hopeworks in their energy management.

Also, the City of College Park, close to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia, has partnered with Comcast Smart Solutions on multiple smart projects, such as waste bin sensors and public WiFi.

Additionally, using Eagle Eye Networks and Comcast’s public WiFi deployment, a video analytics solution was deployed to monitor vehicle traffic patterns, speed, congestion and pedestrian safety. The analytics results will be shared weekly with the city council and police department to reduce speeding and optimize sanitation truck usage.

Comcast Smart Solutions offers custom-configured solutions to customers, with help from its sizable gig-speed network, the company says.

“By working with our technology partners, Comcast Smart Solutions can provide communities and businesses with the tools needed to operate more efficiently,” says Salil Dalvi, the managing director of Comcast Smart Solutions.

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