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Clearblade’s low code IoT edge platform available from Google Cloud marketplace

Clearblade’s low code IoT edge platform available from Google Cloud marketplace

The ClearBlade Intelligent Assets application, a top no-code interface for leveraging IoT, Edge, and AI, is now available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

With ClearBlade available on Google Cloud Marketplace, companies can connect any device, run edge computing in the field, rapidly understand business situations and inject the information into their current work flow. The service is available as a SaaS subscription with the following features:

– Web and mobile user interface

– Ability to store asset history

– Unlimited assets for growth and scale

– Support for all major device protocols

– Edge native processing of rules

– Real time messaging with Microsoft Teams and Slack

– Enterprise system integrations for Maximo and ServiceNow

Partner offerings like ClearBlade Intelligent Assets allow for a leading set of capabilities to help meet the emerging and growing needs of today’s leading innovative companies.

“Organizations undergoing digital transformation require solutions that enable the use of real-time business data within their existing workflows,” notes Amy Bray, Global Head, Google Cloud Marketplace. “We’re pleased to have ClearBlade Intelligent Assets available on the Google Cloud Marketplace to provide customers with an application that will help them digitally transform their business.”

The Intelligent Assets offering provides IoT, and Big Data integrations with existing out-of-box features for Google Cloud PubSub, BigQuery, Buckets and TensorFlow. Together the offering includes the full edge ability to gather data from industrial operational environments for training for AI models using cloud tools and then deploying models capable of performing AI inferencing on the ClearBlade Edge.

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